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Message to the Troops

Armies of Death and Armies of Life

"The shadow does not hold sway yet, not over you, not over me."
Armies of Death and Armies of Life

"The shadow does not hold sway yet, not over you, not over me."

- I bring you a message and a choice in the name of the lord and protector of heaven and earth.
- I care not whether you believe that the living God is among us now, or that we have been left here alone, by a knowing hand or blind circumstance, on this fragile earth, to make our way together.

- I ask you to imagine - What kind army would you join, if you could choose its nature? And, if THAT army does not exist at this time, how could you help bring it into being?

- I tell you, a soldier's duty is to know his mission, to be conscious of the ends toward which the army's struggles are advancing. A soldier's duty is to see that the mission is just and honorable. To be just and honorable, that mission must aid, not harm, human life and society on earth.

- Humanity has a purpose. This is our cause - To transform the world into a place where all people, all children are honored, where sharing, working together, celebrating our differences, overcoming the pains and oppressions of life are our common tasks - To make the earth truly the home of all people. Nations, institutions, principles have no value in themselves. Their value is only how well they serve the cause of the people and the earth.
- The army of life holds this purpose above all tasks and duties. To fight for it is our mission. There are no higher orders, no officers superior, no generals, kings, presidents or governments who may justly lead, except they be aligned with this mission.
- Armies of life will arise in the Americas. In their caring hands, not weapons, but fruit and seeds and healing balm. On their lips, not hatred and deceit, but words of unity, hope and liberation.
- - - - -
- What mission do the armies of today embody? Consider the greatest of all armies of history - the United States Military Forces (for I presume you are a part of this army or one of its allied, subservient forces). Consider what it says, what it actually does and what must be its real mission.

- The leaders of these armed forces base their command on a foundation of continually repeated lies - We are taught that revenge is justice, that pride is honor, that greed creates value, that the right to oppress others is freedom, that complicity in aggression is service, that a victory won through the suffering of innocents can be glorious. These lies are not the result of misunderstanding, they are taught with great deliberation and power. Of course the leaders don't know what truth is; it is of no concern to them. Their words are used to sow confusion, division, contempt, hatred and fear. From these, the commanders of this army create enemies out of nothing. From these, they create blind allegiance, and blind allegiance is what they expect of you.
- They frame their great military campaign with great lies that they pretend are their missions. Today these lies are transparent to anyone dares to study them:
- "A War on Terrorism" - Look at the targets of the U.S. wars. Weak nations led by former clients of the U.S. who happen to be situated in strategic or resource-rich locations, or rebel forces and uncooperative nations that threaten the interests giant corporations who happen to be financially linked to the rulers of the U.S. Then look to your right and left, at the war machine of which you are a part. Who bears the weapons of terror? Who provides the weapons to others? Who has bases around the world from which to launch death (and plans more bases in space)? Who threatens and intimidates? Who does the most bombing, the most killing of civilians? Terrorism today is in most cases caused or directly perpetrated by the U.S. Military.
- "Defense of Freedom and America" - You face the designated enemy. But look behind you, at the land they say you're defending - its treasury looted, its resources plundered, its people descending into poverty, its constitution and bill of rights torn to shreds at the feet of tyrants. Freedom and America are under attack, but not by foreign forces in distant lands.

- You shall know them by their fruit. They have thrown their bombs and missiles on the poor. They destroy people's water works, their supplies of food, their means of obtaining health, their communication, their society. They spread their mines and cluster bombs on the ground so that children may die through mutilation. They blast and poison the earth, leaving barren wastelands, contaminated ground and epidemics of disease. Look upon what they produce. They dishonor earth, her creator and every living thing.

- No good will ever come of the U.S. Military. What is its real purpose, its real mission?
- The orders to the soldiers indicate an objective - unified, unchallenged military control of all lands and all people by U.S. Military bases around the world. A second, more hidden, objective is indicated by the military-based U.S. economy - Maintenance of small, weak opposing forces to create fear and justify ever-greater divergence of resources into war-making enterprises.
- Some say these objectives mean the mission of the U.S. Military is to protect the ventures of billionaires and corporations, so that they are free to exploit and oppress all lands for profit. Some say the mission is simply the military empire itself, constantly engaged in battle, yet never threatened. These missions are what your commanders call "civilization" and "order".
- Yet there is a third mission, a demonic purpose, directed specifically at you. In spite of all their walls of secrecy, in spite of their need for blind loyalty, your commanders need you to see a portion of what they are doing, to experience some their crimes. For they need you to join them willingly in their vile acts. Their mission is to corrupt you, so that you will become their perfect soldier - totally without honor.
- - - - -
- You must resist them. You must oppose them. There is another path open to you. Turn. Put away the weapons of death, and pick up the sword of righteousness. We need soldiers of true honor to take up the true cause of restoring and healing this shattered world. Turn from the army of death to the army of life.
- You may say, what good is an army that is only a dream against a real army, such a great army, that can destroy any nation, any society that rises against it? Surely millions of people demonstrating against war can not stop it; even millions of workers demanding jobs that create life, not death, could not stop it.
- Indeed this war machine is very strong. Yet, what is it without the cooperation of its soldiers? It is an empty, timorous husk. Without you, this mightiest of armies will crumble in the dust along with the engines of oppression that it protects. Yours is the power to defeat it.
- The choice is before you; the hour has come. Push the waving banners away from your eyes, so that you may watch all that passes; set your ears to hear messages on the wind, beyond the droning lies and dogmas, beyond the beat of martial music. Look for the action that will make a difference, and take a stand.
- - - - -
- And yet, beware. Jesus counsels us to be as gentle as lambs and as sly as serpents. Be deliberate, not rash. Protect yourself, your comrades and our hopes. Listen for the voice of a new ally.
- Those who command this empire fear your power, and they will not hesitate to brutally destroy any they imagine threaten their control. Expect no quarter. For all their grand pronouncements of "support the troops", and all the elaborate ceremonies for your funerals, you are as expendable as stock animals to them.
- Base your action on evidence, experience and judgement, not on personalities. A comrade can be blackmailed and intimidated into treachery. An enemy of any rank or station can become an ally in an instant. The path of righteousness is open to all, regardless of their past deeds; no one need be left behind.
- - - - -
- Have faith. It is you and your struggle that will be victorious. The machines of aggression and oppression will be overthrown. The masters of the corporations and the masters of war already know that national conflicts are obsolete. They behave so psychotically now because they sense their end is near. Their power fails because they can not accept change. Their strategy is narrow because there is no future in their destructive ways. Their vision is cloudy because their greed has prevented them from caring about the needs of humanity. Your power will be greater, your strategy wider and your vision clearer because you will accept change, because you can embrace the future, and because you can honestly care for all the people of the earth.
- The hopes of all earth's people ride with you.
- Let us always be faithful to them.
- Pass it on.
Amen 24.Feb.2003 23:16


You're mighty right.

Wow! 25.Feb.2003 01:03


This is truly beautiful, and beautifully true. Wow. Was this actually sent to any soldiers, though? Is that not a good idea?

oh come on 25.Feb.2003 01:26

i live on earth

Alright, I'm not disagreeing with you, but you're asking a lot here. We are going to war, face it. Our civil liberties are gone. And we're less safe today than we were before 9-11. We need to ask ourselves what we are going to do with a broken economy and unsustainable attitudes toward energy, medical care and foreign policy. We need to ask ourselves if we can afford to have another election stolen from us!

I would love to hug a manitee and sing koom-bi-ya, I really would, but I know people who can't afford their kids' doctor bills.