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It's Not War It's Genocide

Please adopt the word Genocide when describing recent or current events in Iraq.
What was planned and executed during and after the Gulf War was more than war; it was and is Genocide. What Bush et al propose doing is escalate the Genocide; there is no other way to properly describe their plans. So Please, use the term Genocide when talking about the time period from the Gulf War to the current events in Iraq.

By doing so, we will raise the public's awareness of the situation's reality while preparing the ground for the war crimes trials the current and three previous US and UK administrations must be made subject to. Lastly, such a change is the equivalent of a rhetorical smart bomb in the face of the so-called "moral argument" being advanced by Blair, there being absolutely never any moral justification at any time for Genocide; indeed, there is every moral justification for the world's governments and peoples to use any means necessary to ensure that the US and UK cannot escalate their Genocide of the Iraqi people.

Stop the Iraqi Genocide! Indict Bush I, Clinton, Bush II, Major, Blair, and their Responsible Ministers for War Crimes! No More Resource Wars!

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homepage: homepage: http://www.icssa.org/ICSS%20-%20theme_humanrights_denial_of_genocide.htm

As a native american 24.Feb.2003 23:25


As a Native American, I find your mis-use of the term 'genocide' hateful and ignorant. Please cease and desist. Peace.

true enough about 'genocide' 24.Feb.2003 23:43


someone posted the exact same story on IMC main, and the similar comments were made--

'genocide' is not really accurate, because it implies the complete eradication of a culture or society of people.

perhaps more appropriate terms for Bu$h & Co.'s Iraq War:

--premeditated mass murder



definition 25.Feb.2003 01:03


Perhaps if you both and others will take the time to inform yourself as to genocide's definition we can have a discussion of its merit. A very complete one can be found at the link below. Many genocides have taken place in human history; none should be forgotten. More than 2 million Iraqis have died since the bombs started falling in the air strikes before Desert Storm; is that somehow not enough?


As another Native American 25.Feb.2003 10:19


As another Native American, I find your words to be right. I might suggest the term Iraqocide. For us Native Americans to assume we have a total right to apply the term genocide only to our own near demise is off the wall. Many other peoples have suffered genocide, and it needs to be called what it is. Jews, Gypsies, Africans, Kurds, Irish, and if fact, nearly all the worlds peoples have suffered genocidal rampages at one time or another.

No, we Native Americans don't have a corner on the market, or a copyright on the word genocide. The Iraqi people have suffered genocide every since George 41 set his sights on their oil. The sanctions have worked to foster genocide. The bombing will continue it. Peace

genocide applies 25.Feb.2003 16:18


Legal discussion of the definition is at:


The word "genocide" was bandied about in reference to the Serb's actions in Bosnia and Croatia, as a means of justifying war. What the U.S. is doing to Iraq is surely as bad as what the Serbs did in the former Yugoslavia, and in my opinion worse because the Serbs were being killed by Croats and Bosnian Muslims.

Anyway, if Milosevic can be brought to the Hague and tried for complicity in genocide in Bosnia (no charge of genocide re Kosovo -- that was just used in propaganda), then surely Bush I, Clinton, and Bush II should be charged for what they have wrought in Iraq.

No baathiscide 27.Feb.2003 06:21


not arabs.
not iraqis,
not iraqi soliders,

just those in the Baathist party who protect Saddam.


I can live with that.