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report from Sunday's peace rally in Hollywood!

Two Sundays in a row, Hollywood neighbors and friends have stood together along Sandy Boulevard in Hollywood with our peace signs and dancing peace symbols. Each time a group of 30 or more, young and old, manifested a presence for peace, in driving rain one Sunday and bitter wind the second Sunday. Enthusiasm was high among demonstrators, and passersby gave us energetic support with horn honking, waving and thumbs up. There is a lot of support for making this a weekly event -- SO, please join the Sunday Hollywood Peace Vigils, 4 p.m. each Sunday, NE 42nd and Sandy Boulevard. It's a short walk from the Hollywood transit mall, which is a Max stop as well as connecting point for the 70# cross town busses.

bus is #75 24.Feb.2003 20:28

centipede treeclimberhanna@aol.com

to prevent confusion please note that the bus is the #75 not the 70

And to prevent further confusion 25.Feb.2003 09:19


This is Hollywood in Portland, not LA. So you don't need to get Greyhound tickets for this one.

Hollywood Photos 25.Feb.2003 12:36

Shanda Tice

Here are a few photos of last Sunday's Hollywood Peace protest:


Hollywood, Portland was here first! 26.Feb.2003 00:53


and interestingly, Hollywood in Portland predates Hollywood in Los Angeles...