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Feb. 26th join the Virtual March on DC

MoveOn.org volunteers enjoyed very much participating in last Friday nights PPRC rally & March. We'd like to invite all of you to join us this Wednesday February 26th in our Virtual March on Washington DC.

 http://www.moveon.org/winwithoutwar/ (article 1)
Feb. 26th join the Virtual March on DC
Feb. 26th join the Virtual March on DC
Feb. 26th join the Virtual March on DC
Feb. 26th join the Virtual March on DC
The "I want YOU to March for Peace -- March 15" banner shown above made the Friday night march through downtown Portland a very effective rallying cry for action. In addition, MoveOn volunteers handed out the MoveOn fact sheet about why the war is wrong and/or a copy of Senator Byrd's great Feb. 13th speech against the war to the folks we passed in the street:


Earlier in the afternoon we handed out about 2,000 leaflets as we talked up the virtual march on Washington DC that MoveOn and 32 other organizations are sponsoring this Wednesday February 26.


The corporations control the media. Let's remind them this Wednesday that they don't control the Internet, or us. Help us overwhelm the congressional phone and FAX lines. Everyone can register to send a FAX for free (do it now at the above URL). We are also scheduling phone calls so that someone is calling their congressman from every state, every minute of the day.

When I spoke briefly at the Friday night rally a big cheer went up when I asked how many knew about MoveOn.org. The 19 MoveOn volunteers that leafleted with me all know about Indymedia now, too, if they didn't before (I sent them the URL). I expect that almost all of us will be there together with you on March 15. Please join us this Wednesday, February 26th.


homepage: homepage: http://www.rivertext.com/stuff.html

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How do you watch a Virtual March? 26.Feb.2003 08:06


Please, if you're scheduled by the Virtual March on Washington to call your Senators or the White House, please call, just don't count on getting through! It seems we've shut down the public lines of the DC Congress & White House.

at 7:30 AM Pacific Time

All the public phone lines to the Senate & the White House are overwhelmed and "please try your call another time."

In a certain sense we still get our messages through because we wrote them down and they flash on the big screen of the MoveOn "ANTI-WAR ROOM." at the time of our appointed call.

Check out the "ANTI-WAR ROOM." See messages of peace, rather than incoming missles flash on the big map.


Here is my message:

"Bush won't even give the money he promised to re-build NY city. He won't take the time to re-build Afghanistan. After he blows up Iraq, he'll just look for something else to blow up. The sooner we stop him the better."


My Calls... 26.Feb.2003 10:47


I couldn't get through to Wyden's office at the assigned time (10:16 am), but talked to a staffer in the Portland office.

I DID get through to Gordon Smith's office on the third try at 10:21 am!