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One Hundred Anarchist's Letters Needed

Rob Thaxton and Brian McCarvil are in the Disciplinary Segregation Unit of the Oregon State Penitentiary. They are Anarchist prisoners being singled out for repression due to their beliefs.
Letters of support are needed to be written on their behalf. The timeline is now - until they are out of the hole.
February 2003

Rob Thaxton and Brian McCarvil are in the Disciplinary Segregation Unit of the Oregon State Penitentiary. They are Anarchist prisoners being singled out for repression due to their beliefs.

Letters of support are needed to be written on their behalf. The timeline is now - until they are out of the hole. Letters should be sent to Rebecca Prinslow, Inspector General, ODOC Central Administration Office, 2575 Center Street, NE, Salem OR 97301-4667 or e-mail her @  rebecca.prinslow@state.or.us

A sample letter follows. Please write your own or add more if you have the time. Thank you on behalf of Rob and Brian.

Send copies of all text messages and ODOC responses to APLAN for their records at:  weneversleep@ziplip.com or Anarchist Prisoners' Legal Aid Network, 818 SW 3rd Ave PMB 354 Portland, OR 97204


On Tuesday January 7, 2003, Misconduct Reports were delivered to anarchist prisoners Rob los Ricos (Robert Thaxton) and Brian McCarvill at Oregon State Penitentiary (OSP). They were subsequently transferred to Disciplinary Segregation "The Hole". Rob was written up for "Disobedience of an Order I" and "Unauthorized Organization I"; we assume that Brian's charges are similar and he has also been sent to the Hole. Rob now expects "4 months in a box" and both Rob and Brian may be transferred to another Oregon Department of Corrections (ODOC) institution. In addition, Rob has been falsely labeled as a member of the Earth Liberation Front. The ELF is considered to be a terrorist group by the ODOC.

Brian McCarvill is currently involved in a lawsuit against ODOC staff, challenging their censorship and rejection of anarchist publications.
Anarchists are viewed as a gang or Security Threat Group (STG) within ODOC. The circle-A symbol is considered a STG symbol; many radical publications are rejected by ODOC mailroom staff on this basis. Rob made a Declaration in Support of Preliminary Injunction in Brian's lawsuit and was also recently Brian's cellmate at OSP. (Lawsuit info follows)

To compliment Brian's legal efforts, a postcard campaign was organized by allies on the outside. The postcards featured the anarchist circle-A and the message "This is not a gang symbol." These postcards were sent in to Rob and Brian. ODOC's response was to throw them in the Hole.

Rob is a longtime participant in anarchist movements. His writings have been published in such journals as Anarchy: A Journal of Desire Armed and Green Anarchist. He is now serving a seven-year and four months, mandatory minimum sentence under Oregon's Measure 11 law for throwing a rock at a cop-in self defense- during a Reclaim the Streets event in Eugene, Oregon on June 18, 1999.

Brian McCarvill is a radical social prisoner. His lawsuit against ODOC is being supported by the Anarchist Prisoners' Legal Aid Network (APLAN).

Rob and Brian have both stood up and fought for the anarchist movement and for prisoner access to radical perspectives. APLAN now requests that the movement on the outside does their part to support them. "They're inside for us - we're out here for them!"

More info can be found at Rob's defenestrator web site:  http://www.defenestrator.org/roblosricos/index.html go to Latest Dispatch.

Rob and Brian will both need funds in the coming months for basic expenses since they lost their jobs. Brian really needs legal funds for the lawsuit to fight ODOC repression. Donations for Brian may be sent through APLAN, or send a money order made payable to: 'DOC for Brian McCarvill #11037967 and send to: Central Trust - ODOC P.O. Box 14400 Salem, OR 97309-5077 Please let Brian know when you send donations.

Donations for Rob, cash/checks/money orders can be sent to Rob los Ricos, P.O. Box 50634, Eugene, 97405
Funds for APLAN's ongoing prisoner support may be sent as concealed cash, or checks / money orders with "Pay to:" section left blank, to: APLAN 818 SW 3rd Ave PMB 354 Portland, OR 97204

Write Rob and Brian at:
Robert Thaxton #12112716, OSP 2605 State Street, Salem OR 97310
Brian McCarvill #11037967, OSP 2605 State Street, Salem OR 97310

Any questions?  riverroars@yahoo.com
Sample Letter...

February 20, 2003

Your address here
... ... .

Rebecca Prinslow, Inspector General
ODOC Central Administration Office
2575 Center Street, NE
Salem OR 97301-4667

Ms. Prinslow:

I am writing to protest the current disciplinary segregation sanction of OSP prisoners Robert Thaxton #12112716 and Brian McCarvill #11037967. I request that you reconsider this harsh judgment and return them to the general population immediately. Also, please give them back their jobs, their cell assignments and good time earned. They worked hard for these privileges.

Mr. Thaxton and Mr. McCarvill are NOT Security Threat Group gang members. They are clearly being singled out for repression due to their political views and their willingness to stand up for their human rights. They both have maintained full-time work; they keep to themselves, they keep themselves healthy and they bother no one. Neither they nor their actions threaten or jeopardize the safety and security of ODOC faculty, staff or their fellow inmates at OSP.

Anarchists should not be classified as Security Threat Group gang members. Anarchy is a political view and freedom of speech is a protected right.

In addition, the circle-A symbol represents an idea and is not a Security Threat Group gang symbol. The circle-A symbol should not be used by the OSP/ODOC to interfere with the U.S. Mail. The OSP/ODOC mail policies are unconstitutional and have proven to be arbitrary censorship. These policies need to be changed and this repression against Anarchists needs to stop.

Thank you for your careful review and investigation of these unwarranted disciplinary actions against Mr. Thaxton and Mr. McCarvill. Please return them to their previous standing in general population.


Your name here

Upcoming Prisoner Lawsuit Challenges Anarchist Repression -
By Brian McCarvill

Anarchist and anarchist-friendly prisoners within the Oregon Department Of Corrections (ODOC) gulag have been and are being subjected to a steadily worsening crescendo of censorship of incoming mail and publications. This fascistic activity cannot be allowed to continue unchallenged or it will not be long before all material deemed anarchist related will be censored, with the terminology "anarchist related", like "beauty", being in the eye of the oppressor.

Currently, barring simple ineptitude on the part of the authorities, any piece of mail or publication displaying a "circle A" symbol or an anarchist black cross symbol is being rejected wholesale. This has held true even where the offending symbol is displayed in a news article photograph in a globally distributed magazine. This policy alone results in the rejection of most anarchist oriented publications. However, rejections sometimes are based upon, "Security Threat Group content" (anarchists have been identified by ODOC as a "Security Threat Group") without any reference to what content is actually threatening or why.

I recently wrote to Mike Beagan, ODOC STG Management "Inspector" asking for relief from the censorship and for an explanation as to what criteria and legal mechanism ODOC used to brand anarchists as a security threat group. This is the absurd Orwellian doublespeak I received back:

"The anarchist movement in Oregon has grown to where it is a serious concern to law enforcement, and the public, due to it's increased violence towards others. As such the so called "circle A" is a well known rallying point for those within the movement.
The policy of the Oregon Department Of Corrections is a zero tolerance for any STG related activity. Each publication is evaluated upon it's own merit and either accepted or rejected."

As you can see, these authoritarians, with self-appointed pompous verve, refuse to discuss or consider their intrusion upon inalienable humanitarian rights. And so I am bringing suit in the Oregon federal court system. I will be challenging the classification of anarchism as an STG, the over-broadness of this classification, and why there is no procedural due process vehicle in place to challenge, meaningfully or otherwise, this unilateral classification. I will be challenging the rejections based solely upon the symbols "circle A" and "Anarchist Black Cross". I will be challenging the denial of substantive due process where mail is rejected for "STG content" without identifying that content and without identifying why that content deserves rejection. Lastly, I will be challenging the conversion of my personal property in the form of the rejected mail/publications.

The court battle is expected to be drawn out and difficult. Those are the common tactics of the Attorney General's office, the champion of "the people". At the same time as they are both dilating and avoiding the issues before the court the fascists will attempt to brand the issues as frivolous, malicious, and not constituting a legal claim upon which relief can be granted. Usually, and I make this statement without any naive pretense, the court will find for "the people" after giving much lip service to constitutional rights. Just the same, there is grandeur in the effort, the truths are self-evident, and we must not fear the path of truth for the lack of people walking on it.

Anyone caring to comment to the court on these issues may do so by writing the court care of me: Brian McCarvill #11037967, OSP, 2605 State Street, Salem OR 97310.

Donations desperately needed! The Oregon State Penitentiary consistently rejects anarchist publications. The radical community within the walls of OSP wishes to take the Oregon Department of Corrections to task in a civil rights lawsuit. Outside supporters have been unable to date to raise funds for legal representation. This writer, an experienced prison legal litigator, will soon file suit within the Oregon courts. Litigation is expensive, even more so for prisoners without incomes. Donations, no matter how small, are urgently requested and can be made by sending money orders or cashiers checks only made out to: "The Prison Account of Brian McCarvill #11037967" and sent to: Central Trust, PO Box 1440, Salem OR 97309-5077.
If you do send a donation, please write to Brian McCarvill separately at: Brian McCarvill #11037967, OSP, 2605 State St., Salem, OR 97310.

homepage: homepage: http://www.defenestrator.org/roblosricos/index.html
address: address: RlR Enterprizes, PO Box 50634, Eugene OR 97405

Are you sure? 24.Feb.2003 13:09


Are you even sure there are that many "Anarchists" in the whole state?

Hell yes 24.Feb.2003 14:38


There's more than that on SE Division alone.


it will be you tomorrow...

Just because anarchists are being targeted, it does not mean that only anarchists should be supporting these comrades. It is anarchist material being censored and falsely labeled Security Threat Group (STG)today, but if history teaches us anything, it is that the more radical and militant of the "undesirables" are "liquidated" first and then the next targets are the more liberal dissenters. This is important to anyone who does not accept the fascistic goose-stepping of the american regime (especially with King George and lackey Ashcroft, almost daily, violating the constitution at whim ).

It may be even more important for non-anarchists to write letters of support for/to Rob and Brian and to clarify that they are not anarchists. These are issues which need to surface beyond the realms of just the anarchist or militant communities. They should be introduced to more mainstream or liberal audiences.


letters needed from all people 25.Feb.2003 15:53


definately - yes - everyone write and let the Oregon Dept of Corrections and Oregon State Prison Official know you are paying attention to the human rights of the prisoners in this state.
To the person who wrote the above comment...have you written a letter yet. Have your friends, neighbors, elders in your life, youth? Thanks

Oregon cops are a problem 25.Feb.2003 21:18


But cops all over the country are instilling increasingly totalitarian techniques and are increasingly violent-the disney media does'nt breathe a word. They are becoming increasingly Satanic, bad acid-trip scary. Disappearances ( El Salvador- style) by these jocks from Hell is a real concern...be alert.