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Containment - Not War!

Containment is the solution, and containment begins at home.
Containment - Not War!
Containment - Not War!
Just hate bush 23.Feb.2003 17:40


its amazing how many people just hate bush, they want you to think they are against the war, they maybe, but they hate bush more..

Not Really 23.Feb.2003 18:56


Maybe it's a severe dislike for his policies. I recall that it was the Republicans who spent years "hating" Clinton. No Clinton fan am I, but don't complain about the criticism of Bush. He deserves every bit.

what's to like? 23.Feb.2003 21:03


Well, it seems logical to dislike the "leader" who makes choices that the rest of us do not want to live by. Certainly there is distaste for a man who cannot see beyond his own compound and cannot understand what war could mean to people everywhere. It is impossible to trust an administration that is isolated from rational thought. To say, however, that those of us who struggle for Peace simply hate bush is falling short of understanding the scope of this movement. I cannot speak for anyone but myself and yes, I am very sad that such a man has become our president select, but his place in the struggle is very small. There is much we need to do and as we chant so often, "No justice, No peace." Bush is a very small piece of the problem.