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Community Childcare March 15th

Portland Anti Capitalist Action is organizing Childcare for the March 15th Anti War Demonstration.
Community Childcare

Portland Anti Capitalist Action is organizing Childcare for the March 15th Anti War Demonstration. Contact us to register your child in advance (deadline is March 12th). References are available upon requests. We have secured the NEW DAY school in Southeast Portland this time, which has so much room and things to do and a huge outdoor area with a playground. Love and revolution-PDX ACA Community Childcare

 set@dontmesswithtexas.com [subject Childcare]
Alissa (503) 335-3193 (ask to call back and leave message if not home)

Portland Anti Capitalist Action recognizes the need for childcare in peoples' lives.

-While capitalism forces parents to labor to fend off evictions and hunger

-While schools are threatened to shut down

-And while billions of dollars are spent on a war with a people we have more in common
with than not.

Portland Anti Capitalist Action is offering this service free of charge for events and demonstrations.

We believe the entirety of the world is a child's place, but we also have seen and experienced the violence and brutality of police. We also respect that being a parent is a full time job, not to mention marching around for hours gets tiring for us let alone the kids!

If you know of other events, speaking engagements, movie nights, or demonstrations in need of childcare, let us know at least 2 weeks in advance. We will do our best to get something set up.

We do have a solid, set place in South East, the New Day School, for use on weekends and evenings, but contact us ahead of time to set things up. We are looking for a set place in Northeast as well.

ACA Community Childcare could use more contacts regarding space and regarding donations (toys, food, clothing, games, money... ) also contacts for child entertainers such as puppet shows, magic... Get in Touch.

 set@dontmesswithtexas.com [subject Childcare]
Alissa (503) 335-3193 (ask to call back and leave message if not home)

[Portland ACA seeks to legitimize the politics of anti-capitalism within the greater community. We view capitalism as a system dependently linked to all forms of oppression, therefore we commit to confronting capitalism head-on through organization and resistance, as well as promoting mutual aid alternatives to capitalist culture. We work in solidarity and support of communities struggling to defend themselves against capitalist advances (war, globalization, gentrification, police brutality, eviction, environmental racism, etc... ) worldwide. We engage in campaigns and efforts to undermine the influence of capitalism on our lives. And we seek to build a sustainable anti-authoritarian movement through education and building alliances locally, nationally and globally.  pdxaca@ziplip.com]
awesome! 24.Feb.2003 12:09


...that's the way to put your "money" where your damned mouth is. Up with childcare, down with empty rhetoric!

Childcare? how about child there? 24.Feb.2003 22:22

Ravensmama ravensmama@hotmail.com

As a radical parent I think it's vital for our children to witness our action, not just our words. There are circumstances where this wonderful childcare service you are offering is helpful, but a kid left at childcare during a protest is not going to learn what it is their adults are fighting for. Wagons are your friends!
I, for one bring my daughter to these things. of course she hates the cops already because they locked her dad up for 7+ years.
Also, I have been curious about this. what happens to a kid if they are with their parent and their parent is arrested? Assuming there isn't another parent handy at the moment?

Me too 25.Feb.2003 10:42

Radical Mom

I also bring my child with me. The fact is, nothing is more radicalizing than motherhood. You know this if you are one.
Because I am a mother, I understand the terror of mothers a world away as the US rattles it's saber in the direction of their children. Because I am a mother I am desperate to save this world for my child and for all children. Because I am a mother, I will rise up and do what must be done to change this poisonous system in which we are immersed. Because I am a mother, the Man better get out of my way.

I also applaud this group for providing child care during the marches. This both recognizes the importance of motherhood itself in this movement, and gives mothers and children choices about their level of participation in each action. I will be bringing my child to the march, but I am also grateful to have the choice.

Democracy is an important lesson for children, as is the necessity of being prepared for the response of the police state. (All those people who bad-mouthed the family whose children were pepper sprayed on A22 fail to recognize their own immersion in fascism. How is it that one can not see the irony of assuming that democracy in America is dangerous and no place for children at the same time one talks about officers "just doing their jobs.")

Don't get me wrong. I don't think the cops are all (necessarily) our enemies. Many of them are our neighbors, and simply don't recognize their part in keeping the people down. But their job is inherently flawed and has no place in a democracy. Additionally, their "job" is a threat to our children.

Because we know they have pepper sprayed babies, and will do it again if given the chance, because we know they are armed and dangerous, and because we know they have beaten and gassed everyone from infants to little old ladies, we need to be wary of them when we bring our children to a march to exercise our first amendment rights. We need to keep an eye on them at all times, and have escape routes planned. Have at least one other person you trust there to help with the logistics of getting your child safely out of the situation if the police begin to riot. Have a mask (gas mask or scarf soaked in water or vinigar) for your child and yourself. These are some of the things I have thought about. I'm sure there are others.

I also have wondered about what happens if a parent is arrested. I can only say that I got your back if I see that happening to you. Maybe radical mothers need to come together to make more plans.

kids need love, not institutionalizing 25.Feb.2003 11:48


thas right.

kids are not little people who you can quietly stash away while life goes on like some cheap soap opera.

i think a big reason this world is so fucked up is the important decisions are made by people who don't have kids around much.
someone else takes care of their kids day to day needs.
there world is not a world for children so they keep theirs safe under lock and key and pay some one to keep them out of the way.

still, thanks for the invite. cops are rabid and dangerous.
but it is important for us all to connect because isolation makes us vulnerable. it is good to have numbers to call in emergencies. what about arrested parents for jkids at this childcare you speak of.?

Right! 25.Feb.2003 13:02

RadMom Too

That's so right! I thank the daycare organizers too, for the thought. But I also think our children belong with us, at our sides, in the world. In our culture, we are supposed to leave them in some institution when we go to school, when we go to "work," or when they might annoy other people. Screw that! Children belong in our culture, children ARE our culture. I want to raise my own child, I don't want someone else to do it for minimum wage.

Of course I am ranting about daycare in general, not the child care offered here. It's great to see someone watching our backs like this. Still, I will bring my child to the march because I believe all our children have at least as big a stake in this as the rest of us. It's their world too. They have the right, and perhaps even the obligation, to do what they can for the children in Iraq.

(Trust me, though, officer. If you pepper spray my child, you will learn what it is to tangle with a mother. There will be no refuge for you. )

It's getting bigger. More dangerous. 26.Feb.2003 11:31

A dad

If you're a parent and you feel safe taking your child to a demonstration, then more power to you!
Many people I know and grew up with have faced capitalism and the state with children all the way. Children participate in my family's poverty, dysfunction, sturggle, lost time at work, bullshit education, and stress. I hope I can teach them how all of that is connected to our oppressors and the way in which these pigs brutalize and terrorize and deprive us.
They participate!
To that point, Ya'll should be fucking pissed!!! It is our children's world and you got crazy mutherfuckers taking shit to a level we can't begin to take on if we don't get our shit together and fight back!
These gatherings of the people in a time of war are the times to organize and straight up resist these fascists! I cannot guarantee my child's safety on the same streets as the pigs when I know we're there to challenge their authority. At a street festival, at a picnic, at a Mayday celebration, maybe. BUT THIS IS WAR!!!! PEOPLE ARE DYING BECAUSE OF THIS!!!!!!!
It's about war on me, you, my child, your child, and countless others in Iraq and the world. I'd rather trust my children to understand Where I went, while they go and spend the day with revolutionaries that will nurture that understanding and keep 'em safe and have some fun, some food, and a bathroom.

We all do this for them. There's no point in sayin "thanks but no thanks" other than to make these cats look irrelevant when they're more relevant than anything anyone has said on this post.

Parents should organize a "Parents against war" block that marches as one with their children to keep the police aware of where children are and to provide that sort of demo safety for each other, otherwise kids are just another face in the crowd to these pigs. If we fight, we must fight as one and fight with their safety in mind because militant action is bound to happen whether kids are present or not, which means police violence is bound to happen whether children are present or not. We got to consider this Parents and activists alike!!!!!!!!

Otherwise take 'em to free childcare or have somebody watch 'em. Ain't nothin wrong community relationship building is there?

Besides they ain't doing this JUST for demonstrations.

It's cool you're doing this. Keep it up. You're real soldiers!

CHOICE 27.Feb.2003 01:34


It's all about choice. Sometimes children don't want to go. Sometimes they are tired or sick. Sometimes they're just plain burnt out on long marches. Most of the time my son loves to go. Other times for various reasons he does not want to and if there is no childcare available I have to stay home. I want my son to actually want to join me in the streets. I don't want him to feel forced into doing something he does not feel up to doing. What about when a parent gets arrested? When they don't have another parent with them the police take the child temporarily to Child Services where their situation is evaluated. Many activists have had their children taken away from them like this. There are variuos risks for children at protests. I'm not saying children shouldn't be at them(obviously, I bring my son to them). Many parents are not comfortable with those risks. I think there should be a way for them to come to protests too. I think it's great that this service is being offered. (Especially at New Day!) I would like to see it offered more for lectures, discussion groups,media showings,etc. As parents, I feel, that we need easier access to educational events. I've seen so many parents,including myself, have to leave a lecture or discussion group early(or not get much out of it) because of a hungry,tired,BORED,etc. child.

agesim sucks. 28.Feb.2003 21:56


i love you who care for our children. good to have your arms and eyes and hearts. and appreciate the help.

glad there is plenty of kids. we love them all and get to teach the stuff they need to know to take care of them selves and those who count on them. which includes all of us. their extended family. and mama earth, too.

if we don't teach them- who is?

believe you me - i know these protests lately gotta be one of the most dangerous places for our little people. it definitely aint right. you should not expect assault for voicing dissent. 'specially agains the ones who cant or wont defend themselves. still, thanks to the bastards,nothing radicalizes aperson like getting beat up by the state gestapo for simply speaking. new people waking up all the time as a result of getting smacked on the head by the police.

my point is-

i want to be sure the kids are involved in our everyday work cause i don't want to give them the impression that life is playdate in a brightly lit, well-structured setting with your own established set of same-age peers.

sounds too much like an office to me.
i want my work to be used to do the life essential work all people need- planting, building, cooking, cleaning- and i want to the kids to be there to learn it.

i don't want to get the childwren out of the way so i can get my work done. i want my work to be my familys work. i want my kids' to learn how to do real work at the side of people who care enough to take the time. it will take a great many years of practice for them to achieve these jobs with competence and confidence.

important work to be done. life isnt just a game. better yet, it means something. it can fill up your days and send you to bed tired and content with our abundant earth.-love

also- you sont need to be at a mass protest to be assaulted by the cops. trespassing will do it. and nearly every place that you don't pay to stay is off limits. i have been detained and harassed for trespassing at malls, on sidewalks, at public parks where highways were illegally laying road, etc.etc. so do we lock the kids in the house or daycare. not my kids!