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First ammendment?

This is Homeland Defense? Sounds more like der Fatherland defense.
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<title>Clara Sinclair</title>

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<h1>Clara Sinclair, injured by D.C. Cops</h1>

<h2>At January 16 Peace Rally is on the mend</h2>
<h4>Did the Homeland Security Act give the cyborgs the right to pummel an
83 year old woman to the ground, seriously injuring her, then blame it on
the fact that she was (peacefully) exercising her 1st ammendment rights?<br>
In Washington D.C. during the large Peace demonstration
on January 16, 2003, Clara Sinclair was knocked to the ground by police.
While being shoved by police is not unusual in our present culture,
the fact that she is 83 years old and a Quaker who has a long history of
demonstrating against violence makes this incident stand out for me. I
sent her a get well card, and just today received a response from her. She
is nearly 100% recovered from her injuries and here is what she says:<br>
"Yes, I have stood vigil, demonstrated etc. for Peace since 1938! Yes,
we must continue to work for non-violent resolution to the problems of our
world. True, hate is short but love is very, very long!<br>
Again thanks to you and your husband for the card and words. It
came at a time I feared for my life - that life has been given back."<br>
Clara is a truly courageous woman who is an example to all of us. The
rest of her story may be seen at DC Indymedia:<br>
<a class="moz-txt-link-freetext"
href=" http://dc.indymedia.org/front.php3?article_id=46669&amp;group=webcast">http://dc.indymedia.org/front.php3?article_id=46669&amp;group=webcast</a><br>
First ammendment 23.Feb.2003 15:49

Amazed Grace

Here is the photo that was not included:
First ammendment
First ammendment

I question the validity of this photo. 23.Feb.2003 16:16


I question the validity of this photo.

We have seen many doctored photos on this website trying to prove a point. Last week a photo appeared of police teargas-ing each other. That turned about to be bogus. Another one was soldiers from Vietnam screaming in horror. That turned out to be a scene from the movie "Full Metal Jacket"

This photo looks like someone had fun with photo-shop, but got too much magenta on the face, and did a bad cut and paste job in stacking the peace sign. For all we know this woman could fallen and couldn't get up.

she got tramped by protesters? 23.Feb.2003 16:19


I heard that the police started to use pepper spray and caused a panic, and the protestors knocked her down when they were trying to escape.

is this true?

sounds like a possiblility.

check 23.Feb.2003 17:21


Please do check out the D.C. citation. This woman's friends told the story. There is a video and all. But it is good to question! We do need to question! Now more than ever.

first amendment 23.Feb.2003 17:44


O.K. Moondog, come clean. What did you do with the money the captain gave you to go to media school? I mean, Officer Moondog. If you are going to spread disinformation, make it count. There were entirely too many witnesses to this action in which one of your hyper brethren behaved like a beast. You cannot divert attention from this poor ol lady just by saying it isn't so. What the hell would too much magenta have to do with anything, besides the clouds in your somewhat limited world? Bad cop.

crediblity starts at home 23.Feb.2003 18:22


this website is known for many things but accuracy isn't one of them. I didn't say it wasn't true, I just said it didn't appear so given the track record at indymedia. there are too many people with too many agendas trying to make their point, and the truth gets fabricated a lot on this website.

Just doing a parity check, thats all.

It's pretty clear 23.Feb.2003 18:58


it's pretty clear here when something is satire, and when it is real at this site.

there is more truth here than found in the corporate press.

people here may allow their emotions to cloud their thinking and their understanding of events, but i'd rather filter through that than the insidiously deceptive corporate media.

moondog, you have proven nothing. just saying something is so doesn't make it so.

First Amendment 23.Feb.2003 19:38


Hey, Officer Moondog. When it comes to stretching the truth, and flat denying reality, no one, NO ONE, excells your employer, so stop obfuscating, and get a real job. Are the taxpayers paying you to dump your shit all over this web site?

Saw the Video 24.Feb.2003 10:54


I checked back on the DC site, and you weren't kidding! Holy Moly! There is video, and this is a sickening story! The little old lady was sitting with friends in the street, and the cops beat her up and pushed her down, cracking her head in the process. She's a quaker and lives in a nursing home!!! Oh my GOD! What will they stoop to next??? (Why should I be surprised. After all, they pepper sprayed babies here in Portland.) (But it does surprise me even so.)