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Clara on the mend

D.C Cops Charged and Bruised an 83 year old peace demonstrator, then tried to blame her injuries on the fact that she had the audacity to be demonstration for peace. SHAME!
Clara Sinclair, injured by D.C. Cops
At January 16 Peace Rally is on the mend
Did the Homeland Security Act give the cyborgs the right to pummel an 83 year old woman to the ground, seriously injuring her, then blame it on the fact that she was (peacefully) exercising her 1st ammendment rights?
In Washington D.C. during the large Peace demonstration on January 16, 2003, Clara Sinclair was knocked to the ground by police. While being shoved by police is not unusual in our present culture, the fact that she is 83 years old and a Quaker who has a long history of demonstrating against violence makes this incident stand out for me. I sent her a get well card, and just today received a response from her. She is nearly 100% recovered from her injuries and here is what she says:
"Yes, I have stood vigil, demonstrated etc. for Peace since 1938! Yes, we must continue to work for non-violent resolution to the problems of our world. True, hate is short but love is very, very long!

Again thanks to you and your husband for the card and words. It came at a time I feared for my life - that life has been given back."

Clara is a truly courageous woman who is an example to all of us. The rest of her story may be seen at DC Indymedia:
DC Thugs Should Be Ashamed! 24.Feb.2003 10:56


The photos on the DC site are truly disturbing. The DC thugs should be ashamed of inuring this woman. All cops and 'enforcers' of the current regime shoud be ashamed for their terror and brutality.

I am glad to hear Clara is doing better!

Thanks for sending her a card and for posting this update...