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THE Answer to Rush

If you haven't listened to Meria Heller yet, i strongly urge you to check it out asap.

Please check it out and pass this link on to all your friends that maybe don't have a clue, or don't have the time to decipher the real news from the mainstream BS... Meria tells it like it is.

It is so refreshing to hear someone speak up about the real shit that's going down. We need to wake up America now, tell your friends, listen to the show with your parents, discuss the real news to wake people up NOW!

anshellmedia.com is a group raising money to create a democratic radio network.. After you listen, you'll want to email and tell 'em to get Meria on the air.

Please send www.meria.net to everyone in your address book, we need to wake up everyone before big brother takes over.

thanks for listening

free music anyone?
"Wake up" songs- some foul language
not recommended for hardcore Republicans,

Thanks Paris and DaveyD!

The Shadow Song- thanks Jim!

A Peaceful Revolution is possible if we could just wake people up to the bogus propaganda they're being spoonfed by the mainstream press.

homepage: homepage: http://www.meria.net

The Answer? 23.Feb.2003 12:49


I heard last week that Al Franken was going to be the Answer..

Here is a hint to all of the leftoids out there, In order for the left/liberals/progressives to have a major voice in radio, you have to listen to the program, and you have to purchase the products they are hocking during the commercial breaks, otherwise nobody is going to spend the money for the electricity for them to broadcast.

That is how capitalism works.

vulgar pig boy 23.Feb.2003 13:22


buy into his shit, you won't eat alone
vulgar pig boy
vulgar pig boy

My Answer. 23.Feb.2003 19:16


CLICK! Ahhhhhhh.

Har har hardee har har 24.Feb.2003 15:04

Plan 7

Gee, what reparte, !, you're another Oscar Wilde!
Har har hardee har har
Har har hardee har har

GREG PALAST on www.meria.net 25.Feb.2003 10:52


I listened to www.meria.net last night and she is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

not only that Greg Palast is going to be on this week!

check her out....you won't be disappointed......

no commercials, just intelligent truthful news reporting

it aint about money

tell a friend