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Resistance in Europe

Actions have occured in Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, protesting war supplies being transported through those countries.
If you visit the Indy Media sites in Ireland, Italy, Germany and the Netherlands, there are stories about people attempting to blockade the movement of war supplies through these countries.

In Ireland, members of the Catholic Worker movement, disabled a military transport plane.

In Germany, protesters blocked the gate to the American air base in Frankfurt.

In Italy, protesters blocked trains, occupied the British consulate, and harbor workers are considering refusing to load war supplies.

In the Netherlands, on February 25 actions are being planned to block the transport of war supplies through that country.

Obviously these are mainly symbolic actions used to call attention to how these countries are used by the American military for logistic support.

I think we here in the United States are reluctant or feel intimidated to engage in similar actions because the peace movement is suppose to behave itself and the Patriot Act can be used to label us as terrorists.

During the Vietnam war era, there was a group of women called "Women Against Daddy Warbucks" who invaded draft board offices in New York City and poured blood over draft records.

This wasnt polite but it was to the point.

Is there a polite way to witness the destruction of Iraq? The Pentagon war planners want to shock and awe the Iraqi people into submission and create a Hiroshima like effect. By bombing the electrical and water supplies this will discourage people from fighting back and contribute to the death of 500,000 people which is an acceptable loss so that American lives can be saved.

But we have heard this already hundred's of times by now. We have been conditioned to accept that is is the price of war and democracy.