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protesting = public masterbation
Lets examine the similarities. We will just refer to these to terms synonymously and use the symbol X#X to denote it.

* When X#Xing in public, it draws a lot of attention.

* X#Xing makes me feel really good, but doesn't do a damn thing for anybody

* I see a lot of people X#Xing too, so I don't feel dirty or ashamed.

* When I am X#Xing everyone is paying attention to me, and that
makes me feel important and gives me a sense of purpose and self-worth.

* I could spend my entire life X#Xing and it doesn't harm anybody,
nor has any effect on anything, its completely harmless.

* Most people who watch others X#Xing are repulsed and really turned off,
but that their problem, it makes me feel good, and that's all
that is really important in life is that I feel good, right?

* Politicals and those in power don't want to be seen or associate
with anyone who is X#Xing.

* X#Xing is a safety value, it is harmless release of emotions.
if I don't X#X every so often, I will just go crazy..

* If I X#X those chicks standing over there watching me,
might think I'm cool, and want to X#X with me.
i don't see a problem with that 23.Feb.2003 09:00

G. Tenet

... said:

>* If I X#X those chicks standing over there watching me,
>might think I'm cool, and want to X#X with me.

Hey, what's wrong with that? Who doesn't go to the protests for the hotties. ;)

Protesting 23.Feb.2003 09:02

The Redcoat

Protesting Abortion = PUBLIC MASTERBATION

Protesting Gun Control laws = PUBLIC MASTERBATION


Sounds about "right" to me.

Our side doesn't protest, we VOTE 23.Feb.2003 09:16


voting has an effect, protesting doesn't.

if you don't believe me take a look:

OUR SIDE: Majority of Congress, the presdient support us.
6 carrier battle groups, and 200K+ troops waiting for orders to attack.

YOUR SIDE : Susan Sarandon on Face the Nation saying their is no link between Iraq and Al Queda, but worried that if we attack Iraq, Al Queda will attack us. Oh, and few people holding up signs here and there.

Which side do you think has the advantage??

Common voice arriving 23.Feb.2003 10:16

Lazy Faire

Could it be that someone doesn't want us to assemble together and demonstrate for what we believe is right? Are they concerned that we are not effective. or are they really worried that we might be having an effect?

Do they think sitting alone, watching the commercials for war on TV, listening to the big shots, identifying with all those big guns and ships and planes and bombs, voting by mail for one of the pre-packaged, commercially-owned candidates, and finally getting up enough energy to slide over to the computer to publish put-downs of anyone who actually cares about the future, is the accecptable way to masturbate?

Go for it buddy! 23.Feb.2003 10:36


I want to see 20 million next weekend all walking around like fools in the cold.

Give it your best shot...

Come, 20 million should make a difference huh?

So far, its been rather bland...

I dare you to get 50 million people out in the streets all acting like spoiled brats..

Pay them to show up if you must!

Well, I'm waiting...

Impress me..

You had better hurry up, because it will be moot point by the end of next week..

dear "!"... 23.Feb.2003 11:10

this thing here

... every single goddamn word you have written and posted on every IMC site in your entire life so far has totally failed to prove that your ideas, and your president's ideas, about the future are right, and will lead to certain success.

so keep pounding away at your keyboard. and remember, there's elections every two years, and a presidential election coming up pretty quick as well. a LOT can change in two years. your bet about the future is as good as mine, and anyone else's for that matter.

perhaps. 23.Feb.2003 12:23


nobody can predict the future.

I am pretty certain that the green party is not going to sweep into power anytime soon, but you never know.

I doubt if the republicans keep control of the senate next round. But no worries, we will be nipping at the heals of the democrats the whole time..

There is no moral high ground in the pro-war/anti-war argument. those on both sides who think so are just X#Xing.

You are doing what you think you have to because you are sure you are right, and Bush and congress are doing what they are doing because they think they are right.

We all have an interest in the future. We are just going to have to agree to disagree.

Only time will tell.

The "silent majority" stirs 23.Feb.2003 13:49

The Redcoat

If you think that protesting is public mastribation, I suggest you look at the article about pro-war protesters. Do you think they are mastribating in public? They seemed to enjoy it, they want to increase their numbers.
A cozy "right" wing circle jerk I'm sure.

decide whether to complain, or to act 23.Feb.2003 19:26


I'm tired of watching you guys debate the validity of protesting when in reality, protesting is taking action, rather than screaming at the image of Bush on TV from the comfort of your own couch and pretending that has an effect. Anybody who pretends that protest is stupid or self serving (do remember that every human act is self serving, for even volunteerism brings positive feelings), should get off their asses and realize that they're doing a hell of a lot more than sitting on their couch, even if Bush is rather uninterested. If you don't protest, in some form (computers and petitions are viable means), then you have no right no complain (just as in voting). Celebrate the fact you can walk the streets carrying signs and screaming, and stop trying to attack each other. Our tactics and ideas vary, but usually, the individuals on this site are seeking the same (or similar) ends.

What?!?? 23.Feb.2003 19:50


Without protest:

Women's rights would have never been gained, (Including the Vote)

Minorities would still be second class citizens

We would all be sitting in our homes with no say at all. Or are you saying that we have no say at all?

THere is no Vote to stop the war.

Actually, my poor naive dears, without protest, we would still be part of England.

Study your history before you make such assumptions.

Right On, Whatever 23.Feb.2003 22:10


Some of these younguns' haven't been around long enough to know that protest has been part of the American fabric since the beginning, and has a colorful history. The work of those protesters has resulted in the easier life of people now. Though I must say, we are beginning to see an erosion of those freedoms and liberties.

none of those things came from protesting 23.Feb.2003 22:17


none of that came from people walking around with a sign sticking out of their asses.

I didn't see George Washington walking past Cornwallis at Yorktown with a sign reading "Redcoat go home!"

The other incidents came from people pursuing issues behind the scenes and not from walking around in a parade.

The woman's' movement, like the like the minority issues of the 50s and 60s came mostly from politicians who saw a whole untapped group of potential voters they could court, so they started to fall all over themselves to show each group how re-electable they were.

when the women started cutting their husbands off, then the wheels started to turn. Perhaps that was a form of protest, but not in the way you are refering to.

Walking around with a sign had virtually nothing to do with it.

warning to '!', the Disinformationalist Troll 23.Feb.2003 22:36

blah blah blah

don't start your fancy Disinformationalist footwork on what "protesting" [your sketchy definition] did or didn't do--

or trying to Disinform people about movement history around Indymedia . . .

you're on thin ice, pal--and you're gonna get slapped hard upside yo haid by some hard-core activists.

Seriously? 24.Feb.2003 11:56


Are we seriously debating the impact of protest? It really doesn't matter how much protest has gotten done by itself. What is important is the fact that both protest and legislation have been a part of social change throughout the course of history. Where would one be without the other? Where would MLK's speeches and hobnobbing be without the non-violent suffering of thousands of protesters? The question should be; where are the people who suuport this war? How many of them have filled the streets to support their president? Oh, that's right the Register Guard reported that 2,000 people in Florida (who's the governor there? oh yeah that's right)took to the streets and waved thier flags and wore cool red white and blue matching outfits patriotically bought from the local Wal-Mart. The idea that millions of people around the world not only disagree with this war, but refuse to sit and watch it glorified on CNN, and get off their asses and make some fucking noise. That to me is a difference. One week it's five million, the next month it is fifteen million, and so on. Doesn't make a difference? The whole world is watching, and the stage is set for massive change, and if it doesn't happen here, it will happen where the right is being depleted by it's utter stupidity and rigidity. The truth is "!" (if that is your real name)I really don't give a shit what you think about my protest because it is you and your super-american idea of patriarchy (I mean patriotism) that I protest. And if protest is as repulsive to you as public masterbation, why do you spend so much time thinking about it. Your doubts about yourself are evident, and that's nothing to be ashamed of. WE all have problems, it's just that most of us get out of our houses and vent a little every once in a while, rather than writing critques and then privately masturbating as our points are dissected, like you. Thaks for your highly moronic imput though! It's good to know that the brains are on our side.

Give it your best shot jackass! 25.Feb.2003 05:15


I'm here and waiting, much like your anti war protest..


Hard Core Activists... Like Hard Core Porn?

I'm Still waiting 25.Feb.2003 09:44

The Redcoat

You still haven't responded to the posts on "Silent Majority" protesters, or the Abortion protesters for that matter.

'!' loves Hard Core Child Porn 25.Feb.2003 18:40


'!' loves Hard Core Child Porn
'!' loves Hard Core Child Porn

Masterbation United 12.Apr.2004 14:55

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