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Open Letter from Senator Boxer:
"In the giant appropriations bill that is being finalized in a House-Senate conference committee, there are calls to add a provision that would greatly expand logging on public lands."I have written to the House and Senate conferees and asked that they not turn their back on a great American value - protecting our national forests.
One rider would authorize an unlimited number of private logging
projects on federal lands while removing oversight by the Forest
Service and Bureau of Land Management. In California alone, this
rider could allow for the logging of ten million acres of our more
than twenty million acres of national forests, including proposed
wilderness areas, along with logging in BLM lands.

Other riders would vastly expand logging in the nation's two
largest national forests - Tongass and Chugach in Alaska - while
removing public and judicial review of logging projects.

This is a dangerous back-door attempt to bypass the public, states
and localities and to stop our citizens from going to court to
protest these destructive riders. This is wrong. Judicial and
public oversight are an intrinsic part of the process of
environmental decision-making.

If these provisions are not removed in conference, I may take the
fight to the Senate floor if necessary. I would be happy to hear
from you regarding this or any other federal matter. One good way
to contact me is through my Senate website by sending a message at


Barbara Boxer"
United States Senator

For more information on Senator Boxer's environmental record and
other information, please go to:  http://boxer.senate.gov

homepage: homepage: http://boxer.senate.gov