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anarchist antiwar demo in Prague 02.22.03

antiwar demo in Prague (organized by Anarchists)


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22.02.03 Antiwar demo organized by CSAF

Around 300 people demonstrated in Prague today at an anti-war demonstration organized by CSAF (The Czech and Slovak Anarchist Federation). There were several speeches, including commentary on the recently popular newspeak term 'anti-Americanism' used to divide European states into pro- or anti-American, as well as the American government's earlier support of Sadam's regime, and the massive civilian casualties caused by bombs and sanctions in Iraq during the reign of Bushes and Clinton. After the speeches, demonstrators marched to Wenceslas Square shouting slogans including "No War, No Government," "No Blood for Oil," and "Bush is a Terrorist."
During the march a suspicious figure who was reported to be a nazi-skin was seen walking on the sidewalk next to the police accompanying the march, however no incident was provoked. After another speech on Wenceslas Square (the cameras snapping the usual dozens of pictures of photogenic anarchists) the march continued to Old Town Square (where several kids with big mohawks were caught by a group of tourists for a group photo:). The procession then marched across the bridge and through Mala strana to the American Embassy. The demonstration ended without incident around 5pm. complete article, photos soon + ceska verze