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imperialism & war

The silent majority starts to stir

Get ready.
Crowds drawn to support war
Saturday, February 22, 2003 Posted: 11:12 PM EST (0412 GMT)

A crowd of more than 500 people listens to speakers at the "Support Our Troops," rally at the Escambia County Courthouse in Pensacola, Floriday, on Saturday.


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ORLANDO, Florida (AP) -- Thousands rallied Saturday in support of President Bush and U.S. troops in a possible war against Iraq, turning their criticism to anti-war protesters and France's opposition to military force.

About 2,000 people turned out at an Orlando rally that featured a reading of the Gettysburg Address, while another 1,000 prayed and marched in Pensacola.

"I was so saddened to see so many in our nation not supporting our troops and our country," said Naval Warrant Officer David Wolff, a Desert Storm veteran who arrived at the Pensacola rally in uniform. "This is very uplifting."

Rallies were also held in Indianapolis, Indiana, and Washington state, where more than 2,000 people gathered for a pro-war rally in Bremerton, home to a naval station where the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Carl Vinson departed last month.

Anger against last weekend's protests, which drew millions worldwide, was apparent. Echoing a slogan from the 1960s, one placard in Orlando read: "America -- Love It or Leave It."

"The anti-war protesters last weekend are aiding and abetting Saddam," said Sherri Tabb, who attended that rally. "Saddam has gotten emboldened, he is not cooperating. War is the only solution."

Some who turned out at the rally did not advocate

"We don't want to have to fight," said John Newman, an Indiana National Guard member who was among 500 people rallying in Indianapolis. "But if we do, we want to let them know we love them."

Another target was France, which has stood in the way of a U.N. resolution authorizing force against Iraq.

"Use your emergency duct tape to gag (French President) Jacques Chirac," said one sign at the Orlando rally.

Retired Air Force Col. George "Bud" Day received loud applause when he told Pensacola rallygoers: "Terrorists thought they could bring war on us, intimidate us and cow us. When we show them American power they'll take off like a bunch of scared rats."

homepage: homepage: http://www.cnn.com/2003/US/02/22/sprj.irq.pro.war.rally.ap/index.html

. 22.Feb.2003 22:33



Spam 22.Feb.2003 22:53

Good point

Here's a neat trivia fact. Guess which state in our glorious US eats the most SPAM?

Yep, Hawaii. Thanks for playing.

big deal! 22.Feb.2003 22:56


There were over ten million on the streets worldwide against the war, including a demonstration in Antartica. Big deal about a few hundred in the silent majority. Such is th e power of the press!

MASSIVE PRO-WAR 'PROTEST'! 22.Feb.2003 23:12


MAASIVE PRO-WAR PROTEST!!!!!!! (english)
WARMONGREL! 3:33pm Fri Feb 21 '03 (Modified on 8:33pm Fri Feb 21 '03)
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www.freerepublic.com/focus/news/843850/p... add your own comments
WOW!!!!!!!!! (english)
incredulous 3:50pm Fri Feb 21 '03 comment#239311

LOOK AT ALLLLLLL THOSE PEOPLE!! with numbers like that, we can definitely be sure that we peaceniks will be outnumbered at the next anti-war rally!

Incredible turnout you guys had! I'm in complete and total awe.
I'm in "Shock and Awe" of HUGE War Support! (english)
Warlord Don 4:15pm Fri Feb 21 '03 comment#239318

I'm totally awe-struck by the tremendous grassroots support for our War-for-Oil on Iraq. In fact, I got wind of this massive demonstration via CNN(or was it FOX, or MSNBC...oh well, it doesn't matter), and their headline said something like, "Huge numbers of pro-war sign wavers line major thoroughfares across innmuerable cities in the USA."

In any case, I'm very grateful for the massive domestic support. You know, I have to convince my GIs that we are fighting Saddam to get oil, food and water to the Iraqi people. And it's a tough sell because some of our troops don't believe us in the Bushwhacked Adminstration(in fact, I even found a leaflet on base that calls our beloved American king george as "America's KGB" & the rest of his inner circle the "Houston Oilers"). Can you imagine that, calling us Patriots as offshoots of slimy Halliburton Dick?

Anyway, to make a long story short, I'd love to post this photo of massive war support at home on the Stars-n-Stripes, to let our Imperial soldiers know how much the home folks think of their sacrifice in defending Country, Oil and Profits(not necessarily in that order).


Truth 22.Feb.2003 23:42

The Redcoat

O'reilly rules
Or mabye it's drools
Brut Hume
has got it
or maybe he
forgot it
you had a chance
to listen
but you weren't
paying atteention

Go Away Chickenhawks 23.Feb.2003 11:45


Hardly anyone supports your sorry ass war. If you do, report to the nearest recruitment station NOW! How dare you decide the fate of soldiers and civilians caught in the middle!

hmm... 23.Feb.2003 11:53

this thing here

... how about supporting our troops by not sending them to their deaths in a war?

i find any "concern" for our men and women on the front lines, at the same time protesting to use them in a war, an ABSOLUTE LIE TO THEM, AND TOTAL BULLSHIT OF THE HIGHEST ORDER.

"we love you son/daughter and really care about you and support you. that's why we stood on the street today and protested FOR a war that might get you killed. love mom and dad."