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un needs $1 billion to feed palestinian refugees created by the israeli occupation forces. contact your rep and demand that this holocaust against the palestinians be halted before it is too late.
For Immediate Release
February 22, 2003


The U.N. agency that provides food for Palestinian refugees says it will stop emergency aid unless it receives $1 billion. The United Nations Relief Works Agency, or UNRWA, says that it will need donations to continue feeding the refugees after March of this year. Agency director Peter Hansen said: "We are scraping the bottom of every barrel and stretching every dollar we have, but without immediate donations our emergency operations are going to grind to a halt."

UNRWA activities have been necessary to care for the millions of refugees (descendants included) who were disenfranchised and banished from their land by Israel in 1948. CFL believes that the US and the entire world has an obligation to care for the Palestinians who suffer under occupation.

To contact your elected officials see the personal contact information available on:  http://cflweb.org/congress_merge_.htm.

Please choose the appropriate letter to send! [After you enter your contact info the appropriate addresses are provided. Simply type, or send our prewritten letter and click send. Be sure to bookmark this page so you can send ONE LETTER EVERY DAY. We have prewritten letters for your convenience.]

Talking Points

*Israeli delegations were in D.C. this week requesting $14 billion more in American welfare to continue to carry out atrocities against innocent Palestinian civilians. We cannot provide funds to a government which is preventing millions of Palestinians from going to work and earning enough to eat.

*The U.S. (and other countries) have a responsibility to care for refugees whose rights are not upheld by the UN.

*It is an affront to humanity that Israel is allowed to starve an entire population. Physicians for Human Rights has stated repeatedly that Palestinians are suffering from malnutrition and other ailments caused by the collective punishment that Israel is inflicting on millions of Palestinians.

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