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Stop George Bush Before He does it again!

For all our sakes he must be stopped...
I can't stand George Bush. He is Satan! He knew about the 9/11 attacks months in advance because he planned them. Osama Bin Laden has been seen numerous times living inside the White House. Both he and Bush planned this. I don't give a shit about Iraq or the Iraqi people. That's just a distraction. When I go protesting I'm really protesting against George BUSH, not the war!

I hate Bush because he is a decent, caring, religious, and loving man. He reminds me of my father and I HATE my Father!

He puts too much pressure on me to get a job and take a bath. Its easy for him and Bush because they never had to deal with things like Prozac overdose, piercing puss, and Rap Music! I hate BUSH because he is everything I want to be and he makes me feel Completely inferior! The sooner He is out of power the sooner I will stop being reminded what a petty, shallow, bitter little Societal Herpes' Sore of an person I am, and can begin to rebuild my self-esteem!