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how to fix 'no story to tell'

there were a few more "no story to tell" errors than usual in the last 48 hours because of a system upgrade that was happening. the worst seems to be over now, but a lot of stories still need to be "fixed". here's how!
this doesn't work EVERY time, but it's the only way that anyone knows how to deal with this problem. these instructions are what indymedia volunteers follow when they try to fix 'em. but no password or anything is necessary, and ANYONE can do this, so please help out!

let's say this story is the one that's broken:

simply change "front" to "refresh", like this:
and hit return.

wait 30 seconds to 3 minutes (hopefully no longer!)

if it's working, you'll get a white page that says, "refreshing" and has some codey gobbledegook on it. hit "BACK" and "RELOAD" the page.

this should work. it's all anybody here knows what to do until the new hardware and software are up and running. (and when's that gonna happen? i don't know but i'm sure as hell just as anxious as anyone else is! i'm sick of this shit!)
no need to specify port? 19.Feb.2003 21:07

im-port-ant..get it?

so there's no need to add the ":80/" after the "portland.indymedia.org"?

no, no port needed 19.Feb.2003 22:51

pdx indy activist

good question, though!