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Anarchist Cookin and Baking Collective- meets thursday night

We're gonna meet at M2's haus- big things are in the works- we're gonna make TOFU- salad rolls- potstickers- and bagels! If ya want to come and skool us bring some (vegan) ingredients'n recepie, and get busy yo!
Oooh la la!
I bet you've been wonderin what's up with A.C.B.C.?
Well here it is:
a few weeks back we catered the blackthorn event. It was like tight jazzy jams tossed out with soul, mixed up with yer eighties beat- hella real folks- dressed up like extras from that movie labrinth- heat- tough politic art- and some uber good food. At last count the food table made like 100 to 130 dallars for the Blackthorn Collective and thier printing costs. much fun!

A couple weeks back we made lasagnag, casarole, salad- and got some meeting location issues worked out.

Last week we put some dumpstered pizza dough to good use- and set up an additional meeting this suday for an upcoming anarchy metal- iron chef fundraisin thingy? we're doin..

Are you ready ta challenge your tastebuds? Overthrow the hemogony between your chompers? Then maybee ya should check this out. We're the Anarchist Cookin and Baking Collective. We meet every week to learn and teach, cookin and baking skills in a non-hierarchical enviroment. We also do fundraisers and provide material support for Anarchist/D.I.Y. collectives locally. We meet every thursday at 6pm. The locations are different every week (ta respect the haus folk yo.) Contact us, we'll keep ya up on locations and such.


phone: phone: 503-774-9253
address: address: 4926 ne 17th ave

cooking is FUNdamential 20.Feb.2003 16:22


I loooove the ACBC!!! Cooking wtih a group of crazy-fun anarchists and chowing down on some yummy vegan treats makes my week!! COme tonight and help bust out some jalapeno bagels...mmmmmmm bagels