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Ashland, Oregon passes Anti-Patriot Act Resolution

After hearing powerful citizen testimony at the 2/18/03 Ashland City Council meeting the council voted unanomously to adopt a resolution to protect civil liberties in Ashland, Oregon.
Ashland Patriots SUCCESSFULLY stand up to the Patriot Act!

Approximately 15 citizens spoke, two against and the rest for this resolution. The mayor spoke against it but only gets to vote in a tie. Here are some websites which have information about this important resolution.

*Note* What was passed is titiled ASHLAND PATRIOT'S RESOLUTION (a couple of very minor changes were made that are not included here, but they really are minor and represent no changes of substance)

In the council meeting the testimony of citizens was what democracy looks like! Mindful and well thought out verbage surely would make our founding fathers proud.

* * * * CITY COUNCIL AGENDA - February 18


* * * * ASHLAND PATRIOT'S RESOLUTION (modified by legal department)

* * * * 'LITE' ALTERNATIVE (submitted by legal department)

* LEGAL DEPARTMENT MODIFICATIONS : The City Attorney is not objecting to
the main provisions of the resolution. In a meeting with the Ashland
Patriot's legal advisor and the City Attorney, the non-binding clauses
about schools and libraries were REMOVED. The city does not have
jurisdiction and it was felt these sections might raise "turf" issues
between the city and these other local institutions. A new Section 4.D
was added directing the City Administrator to transmit the resolution to
the County Library, SOU and the Ashland School District.

* ALTERNATIVE RESOLUTION : To keep it interesting, the City Attorney has
drafted a wild card alternate resolution. Legal advisors for the Ashland
Patriot's are studying this alternative resolution. The alternative
maintains strong police department directives, which is good. But it
drops most of the statements about WHY the Patriot Act is a threat to
Civil Liberties, so the educational value of the alternative resolution
is less explicit.