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imperialism & war

the turks got it right

dollars make sense
News today that turkey wants billions more to base bushits flunkies in their country (which borders Iraq). Makes sense to me. So does their wanting un protection from the islamic world for betraying their own.
They must remember bushit #1's betrayal of the Kurds. I pray for our hapless soldiers who, like the Kurds, believe the bushit.
there goes your college grant. 18.Feb.2003 20:56


I really love voting for someone who will take your college grant and give it to the turks..

much better investment.

At least the turks won't hate me as much...

Careful, there tiger 19.Feb.2003 01:34

This fella

Can we be a bit more careful equating the the Turkish givernment with "the Turks," please?

Polls show that about 80%of Turks oppose any war with Iraq. The Turkish state is brutal and less democratic than ours. If we can't stop our government from making war, we should be careful about self-righteously pointing the finger at a whole nation of people.