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CONTRACT! NOT BOMBS! 2nd contract rally at Powell's Books

Join us for our contract campaign kick-off rally
this saturday Feb. 22nd at noon between burnside and couch on 10th street
What better way to kick-off our second contract campaign than to support the local struggles for fair contracts and justice already in progress. This saturday in front of Powell's hear from:

Portland Teachers
Providence Nurses
Convention Center Security guards
UAW strikers at Williams Controls
Striking Students
Powell's workers

We need the community support behind us once again for this contract. We could not have done it the first time without our community allies. Lets support all of these workers who are fighting for fair contracts despite the anti-worker regime in the whitehouse, CONTRACTS! NOT BOMBS!

10th & Couch

homepage: homepage: http://www.ilwulocal5.com
phone: phone: 503-228-5047