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Time For Action! We need your help.

If you witnessed or filmed the events on Broadway during Saturdays protest, please read this. We need to collect evidence for our legal case.
If anyone witnessed or filmed the 4 arrests and the events that led up to them on Saturday, Feb. 15, please contact me. My name is Jon Dickson, email:  jon.dickson@attbi.com, phone: 503-201-0069. Any information or details will be greatly appreciated. We need to stand up against this evil force and unite as a team. Please, anyone with information, contact me as soon as possible.


phone: phone: 503-201-0069

Legal Case? 19.Feb.2003 12:00


Uh, lets see.........you broke the law, you got arrested.......others were asked to leave, they refused....they were spared an arrest, they got a little love tap and a reason to rinse themselves with water (which for some looked like it was a little overdue)

OK enough cynisism, heres the bottom line. When some punk is blocking traffic with a tag on his shirt that reads "bored" it weakens the message. When your just walking in front of cars to walk in front of cars it weakens the message of those who were actually trying to educate and inform. To all of us standing on the corner that day, the perception was that you were just being immature, sorry. You need to work on your PR.