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You're Invited

Please come to the town hall meeting hosted by Senators Wyden and Smith.
Do you have questions about the rush to war? Are you concerned about global warming, corporate greed, WTO, fair trade, loss of civil liberties and the comming police state? Israel and Palestine? Maybe you're curious as to who sent the Anthrax?

On occasion our elected "leaders" come down from the halls of congress to hang out with the common people.

Do you remember how you felt when Mr. Smith voted the blank check for war, or when Mr. Wyden ignored the people's concern on fair/free trade? Come with your questions, your comments or protest signs to:
Clackamas County Town Hall Carpenter Hall
276 Warner Milne Rd
Oregon City, OR

Tuesday, February 18
11:30 - 12:45 p.m.

homepage: homepage: http://wyden.senate.gov/constituent/townhall.html

Carpools? 18.Feb.2003 16:28


Anyone care to organize some carpools or something? It would be nice to get a lot of people down there, and ruin their plans for a smooth meeting where they pretend to give a f**k about what the people think.