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F*** Iraq!

The history of the world is replete with the murder of the weak at the hands of the strong. Such is the way the world works: the weak vs. the strong, and the strong always win. Which side do you want to be on? Yes, the coming war with Iraq is mainly due to the need for oil, but what else did you expect? There's a limited supply of it! They ain't makin' any more of it. So what? It's the way the world works. Get used to it. If you don't like it, move -- immigrate to sweden, whatever. No matter how many protests you stage, nothing is going to change. You might as well leave while you still can.
Actually, we have other plans. 17.Feb.2003 23:33

Rebel Joe RebelIntel@aol.com

You're right, the strong usually win. The people outnumber the government. The people fund the government. The people are stronger than the government. In the end, the people will win and you will be on the losing side. Remember what happened to the losers during the French Revolution?

step aside asshole 18.Feb.2003 04:26


Hitler used to say the same sort of shit, and looked what happened to him. He eventually went down. Didnt take long either (albeit, millions died before he could be brought to his knees) Same for Bush. You on the losing side jackass! The people have spoken!!!

Send me your credit card number 18.Feb.2003 07:22


First off, if weak vs. strong is the irreversible way of the world, then emmigrating to Sweden won't really make a difference, will it?

On the other hand, if you're offering, I'll take two tickets out of this motherfucker--I hear British Columbia and Berlin are real nice this time of year. So, send me that CC number, and I'll do you the favor of buying myself a couple of one-way tickets out of here!

the long haul... 18.Feb.2003 10:09


i don't know about anyone else, but i am in this one for the long haul. if fighting against oppression and exploitation means siding with the weak, then sign me up! i will stand proudly, shoulder to shoulder, with the weak of this country and the world. the patriots of this nation owe it to ourselves and the rest of the world to turn the u.s. towards sustainability and respect for all life. and besides, when you strip away all those guns and money, who is "weak" and who is "strong"???

one day i will dance with others on george bush's grave...and spit on rumsfeld's.

meek doesnt mean weak 18.Feb.2003 12:24


when only the strong win, the world loses. when there is only a few winners, everyone else loses.

personally, i know it benefits me more to share than to hoard. and i have more in common with the common people worldwide
than either saddam or bushie or any one else who seeks, snatches, or otherwise claims the people's
power for his own.

we be many. they be few. and it takes a crew of dozens of us to care for their sickly, mealy, fat asses. so who, i ask, are the strong ones? put em in the woods for a couple weeks and lets see. or make him battle to the death with some other war-mongering dictator. just leave us and our children out of it. fight your own battles.
and rest assured bush and the rest of the
'powerful" will huddle miles underground at firast threat all the while reminding the people of their patriotic duty to fight the war he declared -single-handedly.
they may be strong, but you could not call them healthy or good.

the strong are not looking out for your health eaither, darwin. only their "bottom line"

if you are depending on them - the powerful- the rich-
to feed you and shelter you once you have lost your usefulness to them, you are sadly mistaken.

better learn to grow your own food and reclaim some space.
little green pieces of paper are not gonna keep you fed in the real world,it in case you are wondering

there may come a time when we find out who's really strong.

here's a hint.
little old women tend to outlive little old men.

do they know something you don't know?

Wrong! 18.Feb.2003 12:35


The war on Iraq is for much more than oil, it's for control of the planet. However, the theory of the "strong" surviving over the weak is false if you define strength as purely physical. Survivors as those able to best acclimate to constantly changing circumstances and, to that, the fools running things are dinosaurs prime for extinction. They are headstrong and have not learned the theory of balance and will ultimately pay for their disruptive behaviors. This includes environmental degradation, social deterioration and everything associated with the failed excessives of modern day capitalism.

Eat Shit Wus Boy 18.Feb.2003 21:44

Jacobyte rebel@worldsend.net

Just another trash talking punk, like always. Let me clue you weenie, tough guys (and Gals) don't talk tough they just do what needs to be done. Boot licking fascist toadies, well that's another matter