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I'm confused...

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Venture capitalists from Chicago are behind an effort to start a liberal-leaning radio network that would offer an alternative to conservative talk show hosts like Rush Limbaugh.
"Their group will be called AnShell Media L.L.C. and they are initially investing $10 million while hoping for assistance from like-minded entrepreneurs."

I really confused here. It seems to me that "Venture Capitalists" going after a target audience of anti-capitalist liberals isn't such a good idea. Not to mention the fact that $10 million could be better spent feeding and clothing thousands of people. This is a really strange idea. I mean once it gets going it has to have sponsors to pay the bills right? What company is going to buy radio ads from such a network?

It really sounds like a futile useless effort that will eventually fail and waste lots of money. There are so many positive things that you could do with that kind of money. Actually, it really reminds me of this website. Lots and lots of people complaining about a myriad of problems and just a few actually offering solutions and even fewer actually doing anything positive...
I agree, you are confused... 17.Feb.2003 23:37


Liberals are not anti-capitalist. Having more than one political thread on the radio is a good idea.

on that subject 17.Feb.2003 23:59

sheep of discontent

did anyone know that clearchannelsucks.org ?
huge corporation that has a huge monopoly on our billboards, radio, ect.

thanks for the link! 18.Feb.2003 13:03


I thought i was alone in my hatred for clearchannel! thanks for the link.