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imperialism & war

Dude, you’re getting a war..

I like the "!" better, its on the indy home page in the upper left hand corner for no reason. When you see it you will think of me...

now on to the story:
The attack plan is simple. Wellington used at Waterloo against Napoleon. He hit Napoleon's Personal Elite Guard unit Hard, they caved and began to fall back. Everyone on the battlefield saw this and the common French units began to retreat.

The US is going to hit the Republican Guard HARD. They will retreat and the Iraqi Army regulars won't even come out of their barracks.

So, close to the next lunar cycle (March 1st), is when its going to happen. (No moon, dark empty desert, just those with night vision equipment successfully moving into position for the kill).

Of course I could be wrong and O-day could end up shooting Dad and taking over. Or they could all retire to a nice French Villa on the Med. The French and Hussein deserve each other..
Don't feed the idiot, folks 17.Feb.2003 20:41

Bush League Admirer

Nothing to see here, folks. Move on, don't feed the idiot. He will only come back for more. Ignore the idiot, folks. That's right, step away from the idiot. Move along now.

I'll become progressive.. 17.Feb.2003 21:21


I shall become a dependant class, who seeks his self worth from the appointment of others.

the progressive motto...

better than red 17.Feb.2003 21:27


Better than Carl Marx, the sexual molester of small rodents...

? 17.Feb.2003 21:27


?!?! *shoulder shrug*...

:-) 17.Feb.2003 21:35



Thanks for the "new moon" advice. 17.Feb.2003 23:41

The Resistance

We will take your suggestion into consideration. All the night vision goggles will be in Iraq. Washington will be wide open.