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Saturday night, February 15, 2003, Following mass attendance at Peace Marches and Rallies worldwide, a group of about 50 people gathered in a Candlelight Vigil and demonstrated for Peace at Laurelwood Park in Southeast Portland.
Despite a dampening drizzle, spirits were high after the days events, events that were actually covered on local broadcast media and cable news channels. Thousands, millions gathered in the streets of their cities and towns all over the world to emphasize the fact that they do not want war, that there are peaceful alternatives that have yet to be exhausted.
Here at Laurelwood Park, people lit candles to illuminate the minds of people driving by, sang songs and read poetry to the rain. Yea, war is on the horizon, but so are millions of people marching with one purpose, casting a singular shadow, singing with one voice, lighting one candle for Peace and Justice for all.
One poem stated, "We are here because a voice inside us, a memory in our blood tells us....you are not just a trade body, you are the blind tip of a dark wave that has forgotten it's source...we're here by the insistance of spirit and by the authority of Nature.....we're not here to tinker with your laws, but to change you from the inside out....this is not a political protest, but an UPRISING OF THE SOUL."
This video is a little over 3 minutes in length, and features a portion of the cut, "Oh America," by Jenn Rawlings, from the CD, 911-After Words.

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