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American Patriots Protest to Support Our War!

For all the millions of people out there who protested against America's war against Iraq, forget you. Check out these Patriots who were out en mass showing their support for Our Troops, Our President,and Our Great nation.
Obviously, they are much more intelligent than any of you Peacemongering freaks.
American Patriots Protest to Support  Our War!
American Patriots Protest to Support Our War!
America's Best and Brightest in da House!
One thing good about Bush 17.Feb.2003 18:27


One thing good about Bush is that he really does learn from his mistakes. For instance, during Vietnam he was blind to the value and war and so did not see fit to take part. But as he got older he got wiser and now he does whatever he can too keep the war fire stoked up so that others will not have to miss the chance to go to war like he did.

GW is always kind of looking out for us like that.
That's just the way he is. When you have a good heart you always think about others like that.

I would bet you that if GW had a chance go back he would jump at the chance to get into a rice paddy with an M-16. You talk tough? Rambo would be looking over his shoulder. I'm telling you what, he would be a real menace.

Bush served as a fighter pilot state-side. 17.Feb.2003 19:27

! formally known as .

Pinko-Commie Homo Scum.

Anyone this eloquent must be protected from the worlds evils..

Now, Bush was fighter pilot state side in Vietnam. His National Guard unit wasn't activated, but many units during this time were or were rotated to Vietnam for 175 days, then back to the states. If you are in country for more than 180 days you are considered stationed there. For those too young to remember, the total count of personal in Vietnam was a big political hot potato, and this was one way of hiding the true numbers. (Credit for this goes to LBJ)

During the same period G.I. Bill Clinton on the other hand was hiding in England, cowering under some bird's skirt I would presume...

How many of you were bitching when G. I. Bill was bombing Iraq to distract people from some Grand Jury testimony???

Hussein must go. Maybe he could live in France..

This will be a moot point in about 15 days, because that is about all the time he has..

Don't feed the idiot, folks 17.Feb.2003 20:49

Idiot, formaly known a .

Nothing to see here folks, move along now. Just another idiot with his mouth open, folks, lets move along now. Nothing to see here. Don't feed the idiot, he will only come back for more.