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Viva le PDX 2/15 Protest! Viva!!

Stumptown Radical Protestors
On Feb. 15 Write A New Glorious
Chapter in PDX AntiWar Movement
Let's all congratulate and honor the women and men who got arrested, detained, pepper sprayed and roughed up by the Portland Police on Feb. 15. These frontline shock troops for the PDX antiwar movement are the real heroes. Their sacrifice and courage are true inspirations and mind motivators. You are gratefully remembered.

Hey, the PDX Feb. 15 rally and march helped saved the city's bacon for the antiwar cause. Would the big organizers rather have had nothing in the streets? I'm sure many are saying yes. And to those people, I politely say Screw You!

Until now, you guys have done very well, but you fucking dropped the ball for Feb. 15. If you're going to commit yourselves to the basic monthly big rally format, please don't just leave out the planet's most important date for the antiwar movement. What happened, couldn't reschedule your Zupan's cooking class or had to lube the Subaru?

We did a great job getting out the people we did, and they took it from there. Way to go Portland Street Marchers!! And to hell with pissing off motorists. Many of these chumps are part of the problem.

Let's just everybody LEARN from what happened Feb. 15, shall we?

And don't leave us hanging again with no street protests, you big rally organizers. That was so very lame. But in the end, it doesn't really matter. The hardcore progressive crowd will always be in the streets. If you want to join us, fine.


Peace Now!
Thanks 17.Feb.2003 11:02


Hey Lars, I also want to thank the spontaneous street medic(s) who immediately helped me out after I got a face full of pepper spray on Broadway.

Whatever 17.Feb.2003 13:36


I'm not trying to respond to Lars the Infidel, but to set the record straight for other readers out there:

1. There was more in the streets than that. Not all the numbers are in yet, but the neighborhood events as listed on nwpeace.org attracted at least 900 people.

2. No one dropped the ball. Salem, Eugene, and Corvallis (1300, 4000, 1000+) report larger numbers than ever for their rallies. People stayed home rather than travel to Portland for a big event. That was the idea. Many people expressed an appreciation for the more reflective and interconnecting nature of these neighborhood events. That was the idea. I personally had one woman tell me she saw our walking meditation vigil for peace as we passed her house and she wanted to join us. She wasn't interested in a raucus protest. That was the idea.

3. No one has committed themselves to anything. We are not "big organizers". Unlike New York and San Francisco, we don't have two big groups, they have Move On and ANSWER. We are an unnamed coalition of folks representing the interests of a collection of peace and justice groups, with some of the same people doing the work, and some new coming on board with each event. As the turnout for each event gets larger than the previous, more planning is needed, and with new people helping, more consensus-building needs to take place. One short month was not enough between Jan 18 and Feb 15. It was entirely appropriate that individuals and smaller groups bring the work of peace to various neighborhoods.

4. What a hateful ad hominem attack. I'm sure glad Lars doesn't call himself a peaceful protester. I'd be surprised if any of us own Subarus or go to Zupan's cooking classes. Many of us are voluntarily poor, working less for pay, and more hours unpaid doing our heart's work. (I would hardly call that 'professional'.)

5. I'm surprised to see this hateful attack from a so-called progressive. True progressives know the way to change a mind is through knowledge, and they can't feed knowledge through sniping, belittling, and alienating.

6. No one's bitching about 500 in the street except Lars.

Rebuttal, Please 17.Feb.2003 14:50

Lars the Infidel


No one called you or anyone else a "professional." And try reading the text a little closer. You seem to do just fine with Latin. What about English? Some of your comments make no sense. Anyway, I apologize for making you feel threatened, but jeeze louise, get a clue about what happened and what I wrote. The fact you're being defensive probably speaks more about you than me.

One more thing, I applaud the folks who participated in the weekend's more reflective and interconnecting nature of the neighborhood events. It's just that more of the same from O5, N17 and J18 was needed F15. That's the real deal idea.

Your Hateful Ad Hominem Homey

p.s.: my, what a few expletives will do to people.