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Yes, But What Are The Alternatives To War ?

I hear in many ways and many times " No War" "No War" , " No Blood For Oil", "No War With Iraq" and I am not opposed, but What Are Alternatives To War ?
Yes, But What Are The Alternatives To War ?
Yes, But What Are The Alternatives To War ?
You students and teachers should know that education is one. Nurturing is another. Dialogue and true balances of rights with responsabilities are two more.

Why do I hear so little of alternatives to war ?

What are you for ?

What do you want ?

We need to get in our minds alternatives to war. We need to speak of them, we need share our thoughts of them. How else might we remember them ?

If we do not remember alternatives to war how can we carry them with us, wherever we each might go, and use them ? How else to get them clear in our minds but speak of them and offer to share them, how else to aquire confidence in the practice of them other than with the experience of that practice ?

If we do not remember alternatives to war how can we carry them with us, wherever we each might go, and use them ?

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here's an alternative 17.Feb.2003 09:54


INTELLIGENCE-and not the CIA kind-the opposite of IGNORANCE

Huh? 17.Feb.2003 10:22


<Why do I hear so little of alternatives to war ? >

How can you not hear something being screamed in your face?

Do you need a more war-like alternative than that? Then we can't help you.

huh 17.Feb.2003 12:29


the alternative is just that..no war. in the case of Iraq, it is a fabricated and phony war built upon lies and deception. but all war now is antiquated...

How to Think 101 17.Feb.2003 12:35

Ed Harley

Uhhmm... Not having a war is the alternative to having a war. See how that works? Let me see... how else can I put it?

Instead of bombing someone and invading a country that has not done anything to us, you decide NOT to bomb and invade a country that has not done anything to us.

Instead of sending 200,000 American soldiers to die for no reason, and launching 800 cruise missiles at people who have no ability to harm us, you decide to NOT send 200,000 troops to die, and you decide to NOT launch 800 cruise missiles at people who have no ability to harm us.

Is there anything else I can help you to understand? I'd be happy to elaborate if you still don't get it.

al-ter-na-tive n. 1. The choice between two or more exclusive possibilities. 2. One of these possibilities.

- American Heritage Dictionary, 3rd Ed. 1994

One Alternative 17.Feb.2003 13:11


Iraqi citizens living in exile are nearly unanimous in their hatred for Saddam Hussein and his blood-thirsty regime, and yet they are also nearly unanimously opposed to all-out war against Iraq, knowing that it would merely increase the suffering of an already devastated people. I stand in solidarity with them. So, here is my 2 cents of a real option for Iraq:

1. Proceed with one of France's proposals to deploy massive numbers of U.N. peacekeepers to act as "internationally sanctioned" human shields. And simultaneously deploy massive numbers of average citizens from all walks of life, especially from "southern" and non-western countries, into Iraq for humanitarian aid and direct person-to-person human solidarity interaction. This will immediately short-circuit any U.S./British bombing campaign.
2. File for the extradition of Saddam Hussein to appear before an International court for crimes against humanity.
3. If Hussein does not peacefully surrender (not-likely) form an International coalition of special operations strategists (consensus-based, no U.S. strong-arm tactics) to capture and present Hussein before the International court.
4. Make the International trial completely open and transparent for all the world's citizens to witness.
5. Redirect a portion of the $300 billion+ that is projected for a war on Iraq towards massive humanitarian aid and nation-building that is led by the Iraqi people and assisted by other Middle East citizens, and the U.N. if it is asked to participate.
6. Repeat steps 1-5 with all of the planet's blood-thirsty regimes, including that of the Bush Administration, until repression and exploitation are no longer socially acceptable forms of behavior.
7. Visit Hussein, Bush, Cheney, Kim Jong, Sharon and others in prison and read them bedtime stories of hope and freedom.

We create our own realities.

try what works best: BUTTING OUT 17.Feb.2003 15:43

GRINGO STARS gringo_stars@attbi.com

The US created the problem in the first place by providing Saddam with WMD. Then "we" aggravated the problem by attacking Saddam and thus entrenching his power, then further empowering him amongst his people with "our" sanctions against his country, by starving-to-death over 1.5 million civilian innocents, forcing them to turn to a "strong man" (Saddam).

It appears that every time the US butts in with its ham-handed "solutions," it makes things much worse. How about the US butts out and lets the Iraqis deal with Saddam?

Killing more innocent Iraqis is a truly stupid idea. Aren't we trying to NOT gain enemies? Don't we have ENOUGH countries and people all over the world after us? Why be a recruitment sign for terrorists by killing more people?

That's what modern wars do; kill innocent civilians. The ratio these days is TEN TO ONE. For every ONE soldier that is killed in a modern war, TEN civilians are killed.

Leave Iraq alone, and let them take Saddam out. Without "us" forcing them to cower in Saddam's corner, they will probably fill him with bullets within 2 years. Remember what happened in Romania? Of course you don't; you pro-war cheerleaders only buy what corporate news sells you. You have no idea what I'm referring to. GO READ ABOUT IT.

Remeber Castro? 17.Feb.2003 17:47


If you recall, the US once made precisely the same noise about ol' Fidel. We were certain that to leave him in power would mean the Absolute End Of Life On Earth As We Know It. Hell.. He had REAL military and financial backing and lived right next door for chrissakes. Now he's an isolated tinpot ruler of a small, impoverished nation where the citizens are no better or worse off than MILLIONS of poor Americans. Eventually he'll die and someone else will take his place.

Saddam's only true strength was handed to him by the US in the first place in the forms of diplomatic support and arms sales.. Without US and international support, he's just another tinpot dictator with NO more ability to endanger the American public than Castro. As far as his treatment of his own people is concerned, all of this sanctimonious, patronizing blather about "saving" the Iraqi people from him is just that. If the US gov't cared one whit about the Iraqi people, they would have never developed sanctions designed to put the squeeze on them (and wouldn't have supported him and turned a blind eye to his cruelty when it was expedient for us to do so). Maybe it's time to find out what the Iraqis can do on their own without the neverending paternalistic meddling. Given a choice between living in a phony democracy led by a tinpot meglomaniac and being shredded and/or burnt alive by "smart" bombs, I think most rational people would go for the former. At least they'd be alive to make the choice whether or not to take matters into their OWN hands once in a while. What are we, anyway? Their goddamn parents? Tough love, I guess.

A ReaL Alternative 17.Feb.2003 18:12

Destroy America; Save Humanity

Judging from the comments from both the antiwar and prowar people on this thread, its obvious that Americans are a nation of lying fucks.

If you people want people, you had better start facing the painful truth that the great threat to life on this planet is the United States of America and its "democratic" Western allies.

How many countries has America attacked the past ten years, since the end of the Cold War? America attacked Somalia. It attacked Haiti. It attacked Yugoslavia. And of course it has been attacking Iraq.

It is America and the West which are waging war on the planet--from Iraq to Columbia to Afghanistan to Yugoslavia.

You want peace. Fucking face the fact that your nation does represent Democracy, Freedom, or any other bullshit lie you spew.

You want peace. Bring an end to your Two Hundred year old Evil Empire. Then let the rest of use rebuild humanity.

DASH 18.Feb.2003 01:03


Thanks Mr. DASH (Destroy America; Save Humanity). Finally we have a refreshing alternative to the dull chimps that collectively masquerade as Bush Admirer. I look forward to further posts. Really.

where are the voices? 18.Feb.2003 08:51

;a voz de un compa

Now, if we can keep bringing back May Day to the tradition that it should be, like aiming for 80,000, or more, in the streets this May Day. We could have it around the anti-war theme along with what the May Day planners are planning, though the bombs might already be falling by then, as you well know.
Remember you can do shit on your own to try to stop this war! there is still time! Why wait till the bombs start reigning down on Baghdad? Think of the Iraqi women and children, "Start seeing Iraqi children", who have already suffered, and perished way too much" Over a millon since the sanctions were imposed after the first Gulf War. Let's call for strikes! Stay home from work, and do something for Christ sake. for the Haymarket martyrs sake then! You know damn well the Haymarket martyrs would be calling for a rebellion if they were alive! They would vomit to see how this capitalistic superpower has done gone imperialistic, led by a Texas doctrine, with the "Mad cowboy diseased Prez.", and like it or not he is your prez. though you may not claim him, but it is therefore our responsibility to to take control, and protect the weaker of this world from this many headed monster.
granted it is, nice! We had a great week end, now on with the revolution, and not the canned commmercialized one that the advertizers are stealing from us underdogs.
We can make it happen!

Specifically, what are your alternatives? 19.Feb.2003 14:02

Chrome66 chrome66@excite.com

What economic stimulus plan do you propose other than war?

Who do you want to see in the White House other than Bush?

Who do you wish to see replace Rumsfeld, Ashcroft, et al?

What energy and transportation alternative do you
advocate to replace oil and gasoline fueled vehicles?
Something people actually would buy that would replace
the present status symbol, convenience, and
technological icon that cars represent?