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Know the opposition

New York times . Washington.
Feb 15, 2003
The Senate Republicans' To-Do List
ASHINGTON, Feb. 14 Following are the top 10 items on the Senate Republicans' legislative agenda as outlined yesterday by the leadership, in rough order of priority:

MEDICARE PRESCRIPTION DRUGS Provide a prescription drug benefit through Medicare for older people.

JOBS Pass a package of tax cuts intended to create jobs in the short term and economic growth in the long term.

ABORTION Prohibit a late-term form of abortion that opponents call partial birth, unless it is necessary to save the pregnant woman's life.

EDUCATION Increase local flexibility, raise federal financing and channel money to their intended programs.

WELFARE OVERHAUL Enact stricter work requirements for welfare recipients.

MEDICAL LIABILITY Curb doctors' costs for malpractice insurance.

GLOBAL AIDS Increase financing to fight the global AIDS epidemic.

ESTATE TAX Eliminate the estate tax.

ENERGY Promote a reliable domestic energy supply, possibly by increasing drilling of oil and natural gas.

PREPAREDNESS FOR BIOLOGICAL ATTACK Provide vaccines and other countermeasures to protect Americans from attacks using biological weapons.