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"The Bush administration - which is in the midst of trying to sell the war to the public - filed a brief urging the judges to uphold denial of the permit. And the Bloomberg administration has no intention of forcing a St. Patrick's Day standstill instead of a parade - even though it's bigger and likely more raucous."
Does anyone know ... 17.Feb.2003 08:31


Does anyone know where the Bush brief to the court can be found? Seems to me the language in that would be a powerful comment on the administration's public posturing about free speech and dissent.

re: does anybody know... 17.Feb.2003 16:11

n winlundn AT efn DOT org

hey, it's just document storage, document retrieval...
but today's court system STILL needs to learn about open standards for publishing public materials/dockets. I don't even know if this is the right court that blocked the permit but here goes:


"CourtWeb provides information on selected recent rulings of those judges of the above-selected United States District Court who elect to make information available in this form." Ahh. The catch here is //participating// judges, hmmm. So I push the [Proceed to CourtWeb] button, it works..

but the [Run Report] button on next page with entered search criteria doesn't work in ordinary browser (non-cookies non-JavaScript non-<SCRIPT>)

- What the fuck? Whatever happened to shorthand transcripts by stenographers uploaded in plaintext? Talk about lack of jurisprudence. -

"Living in the 80s" this is just stupid:

Anybody have better luck? Keep hammerin' em till they give it up.

no 17.Feb.2003 16:44

n winlundn AT efn DOT org

>"Living in the 80s" this is just stupid:
> http://pacer.psc.uscourts.gov/cgi-bin/links.pl

I take that back this isn't stupid there is cost for any activity (here being document storage/retrieval) even in the non-profit sectors. As a developer I question the methodology of projects like PACER & want to know more about read/write functions users take at the computer code level. The intent, here charging xCents per page, is valid accountancy. Whether you agree with that intent or not as a taxpayer is another thing entirely.

also I question the existing means by which one may pay for provider services like PACER i.e. VISA, MC, PayPal, Amex "Blue" smartcard eh where'd my privacy go? To the insurance company databases? To some H.M.O. data node? Gee, no way!