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MoveOn to do anti-IRAQ war leaflets across US - in PDX for Fri nite rally

Over the next 2 weeks MoveOn.org has 14,000 people signed up to coordinate a nation-wide anti-war leafleting campaign (see attached thumbnail of one of the leaflets they're still working on). They are asking their 750,000 members to fill out the leafleting crews. They are also hoping to sign up new members. I'm leading one of the crews. Below you'll find an article providing some background about MoveOn.org.
MoveOn to do anti-IRAQ war leaflets across US - in PDX for Fri nite rally
MoveOn to do anti-IRAQ war leaflets across US - in PDX for Fri nite rally
MoveOn is, arguably, the most active MAINSTREAM anti-war activist group. However, MoveOn is basically just a large and powerful mailing list -- there are no dues or fees of any kind. I'm posting this on Indymedia for a couple of reasons.

1. I'd like to get suggestions for the best places to leaflet on the weekends. It might be raining. I'd love to do shopping malls, but my understanding is they are all private property and that anyone that they will arrest you is you carry on any kind of political activity there.

2. My first choice for a place to leaflet was the evening rush hour around Pioneer Square and later, perhaps, the trendy spots in Old Town or around Powell's. I have already committed to coordinating a Friday 4 PM Pioneer Square / Bus mall rush hour leafleting sweep. This means we will be around for the Friday night Peace rally. I hope we will be welcome to join the march for a ways and then break off to do more leafleting.

3. If you are interested in leafleting you could sign up with MoveOn.org. However, keep in mind it is a mainstream organization and they have 2 rules that you have to agree with which they sum up this way:

a. Educate, don't irritate

b. Don't argue.

They especially don't want their leafleters to attack or in any way express a lack of concern for our soldiers.

This doesn't mean that MoveOn is timid about criticizing the Bush Administration. For example, they are recommending distribution of the powerful anti-war speech that Senator Byrd delivered on the floor of the Senate last Wednesday:

"I truly must question the judgment of any President who can say that a massive unprovoked military attack on a nation which is over 50% children is 'in the highest moral traditions of our country'". - Senator Byrd.


I have already printed out 500 carefully typeset copies of this great speech. If anyone wants some to pass it out on their own I will have plenty of extra copies at the Friday rally.

As the facts listed below the following article excerpt prove, MoveOn has been sensationally successful at raising money and placing national anti-war ads. This leafleting is something new and untried. I might be the only MoveOn member at the rally, or I might be introducing a bunch of mainstream citizens to what it feels like to march without a permit through the streets of Portland to the beat of the drum corp.

In any case, this may be our last rally before the darkness descends -- see you next Friday at the SW corner of Pioneer Courthouse Square at 5 PM.

ABOUT MoveOn.org

from the San Francisco Chronicle

Berkeley -- The Berkeley couple who once won fame for putting flying toasters on the world's sleeping computer screens is famous again -- this time for waking up the computer world to serve as a powerful anti-war tool.

Moveon.org, the brainchild of Wes Boyd and Joan Blades, has moved on from its beginning as an anti-impeachment movement during the Clinton administration four years ago and now ranks in the minds of many as the nation's leading pioneer of harnessing the Internet for political activism.

Moveon.org's best-known recent feat -- the "daisy" TV ad linking war with Iraq to a nuclear bomb explosion -- was made possible by thousands of donations from moderate, middle-class, mostly liberal Americans who have joined the group's growing online community, which now has 750,000 members in the United States and 380,000 abroad.


other facts about MoveOn:

:: in December MoveOn raised $300,000 in 48 hours for anti-war ads in the nations most prestigious newspapers

:: MoveOn raised $6.5 million in the last 2 elections for politicians that stand up to the Republicans

:: last week MoveOn raised $75,000 to put Inspections, Not War billboards in Detroit, LA and San Franciso and to put these signs on 25 per cent of the buses in Washington D.C.

Viacom, the company that has the contract that entitles it to lease out these spaces refused to place the anti-war messages. MoveOn suggested that its 750,000 members might call Viacom for an explanation. 24 hours later Viacom changed its mind and decided to place the anti-war signs.


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