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antiwar demos in Prague - around 2000 altogether on F15

Two different demonstrations in Prague on February 15th...

About 700-1000 people met on Jan Palach square on February 15th to demonstrate against the war on Irak. Among the speakers was Czech philosopher Erazim Kohak, representatives of the Anti-war Initiative (Americans in Prague against the war), a representative of Iraqui citizens living in Prague, and two British musicians. Around 3:00pm we marched to the Office of Government, then across Mala Strana to the American embassy to hand over a declaration against the war. The demonstration ended peacefully around 4:00pm on Malostranske Square.
Communists met on Wenceslas square around 3pm to protest against the war. Then they marched through Mala strana where several dozen revolutionary communist youth members (who had participated in the first demonstration as well) joined them. The march reached the American embassy at around 5:00pm.
The next antiwar demonstration (organized by the Czech and Slovak Anarchist Federation) will take place on Churchillovo namesti February 22nd, at 2pm.
If war is announced (within the next two weeks) there will be an antiwar meeting on Wenceslas square at 6:00pm that evening. if war is not announced within the next fourteen days, then the next demonstration will be March 1st on Wenceslas square at 1:30pm. Photos, entire article...

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Good, saddam will be pleased 16.Feb.2003 23:28



Sorry Janet 17.Feb.2003 13:49

E. Combatant

If you are a supporter of Saddam Hussein, you are truly among an exclusive minority. Our army is now 10,000,000 strong and growing. We will fight relentlessly for democracy and justice, and against oppressive dictators like Bush and Hussein. We realise that our very future depends on defeating corrupted minds such as those of Rumsfeld, Saddam, and yourself. Your drive towards fascism doesn't stand a chance.
Sorry Janet
Sorry Janet

Evidence 17.Feb.2003 19:33


Interesting photo. Did you use photoshop?

the photo's legit 18.Feb.2003 02:13

dj tubesteak

It's from back when giving Saddam bio- and chemical weapons materials was a good idea because we had to deal with the threat to world peace posed by Ruhollah Khomeini. Kind of funny how these things work out sometimes, isn't it?