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Americans Snub French Cheese Exporter, Who Shrugs

Thu February 13, 2003 10:27 AM ET
PARIS (Reuters) - A Frenchman who sells cheese over the Internet has seen his inbox fill up with e-mails from disgruntled Americans this week.

They are more than happy with his Camembert, but not with his government's policy on Iraq.

"Pam and I have enjoyed ordering from you in the past," read one e-mail to fromages.com co-founder Marc Refabert. "(But) because of the current position your government is taking on not supporting the U.S. at this time regarding Iraq, we are not going to support France in any way. ... We are sorry."

Orders are slipping from the key U.S. market, which accounts for 80 percent of fromages.com's business. But just as the French government is unmoved by U.S. criticism of its unwillingness to back war against Iraq, so Refabert is shrugging off the boycott.

"It's their way of showing their patriotism. Good for them," he said. "We've decided not to reply to the e-mails. What good would it do? I'm not a politician. ... But you've got to be adult. I don't think it's a very well thought-through reaction."

Refabert said he thinks American customers won't be able to maintain the boycott for too long because French cheese tastes too good.

"It's just temporary. They'll come back in two or three months."
that's okay, I bought a German car 16.Feb.2003 22:50

frog lover

Back in September I decided to buy a German car because of their anti-war position, so put that on your baguette and chew it. Maybe I'll stop buying Spanish cheeses though.

Great 16.Feb.2003 23:29


Hit the imperialist french where it hurts...in the pocketbook!

Hahaha 17.Feb.2003 01:01


As Pepe Le Pew has pointed out, you need him (and his french cheese) more than he needs that disgruntled customer. The french product is good (more than good), so to reject it is to 'cut off your nose to spite your face'. Vive la France!!!! Vive la Amerique!!! (the one prior to the 2000 election ;o)

Boycott French Fries 17.Feb.2003 13:50


I'm guessing there are some "patriots" out there who've decided to show their support by boycotting french fries and french bread....