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Autonomous Action

The state is strong, but a brick is stronger!
In the wee morning hours of saturday the fifteenth, a small group of anarchists targeted the huge conglomo-recruitment center on SE 82nd. Undaunted by the bright lights of the shopping center, the group threw bricks at the windows and spray painted "no war but the class war" on the concrete. The action was in solidarity with the millions of people rallying worldwide against the war on saturday, and served to draw attention to recruitment's fascist targeting of minorities, young people and people living in poverty. The anarchists feel that military recruitment is a large and highly ignored part of US imperialism, and as we speak recruiting centers are sucking the biomass from poor neighborhoods near you and feeding it into the war machine. The action was autonomous, spontaneous and unaffiliated with any group.
You're beautiful! 16.Feb.2003 17:00


We're gonna need plenty of bricks before this is done. Maybe some can come from city hall or some other phsyical structure meant to prop up this illusion of participatory democracy.

Excellent! 16.Feb.2003 17:29

A Brick for GI Joe

If this report is correct, then the people involved in this autonomous action deserve major props. Hopefully, other people will also target similar institutions of the American government, military, and media.

Just remember, make sure you don't get caught. Always haave an escape plan.

Keep on keeping on 16.Feb.2003 18:50

GRINGO STARS gringo_stars@attbi.com

What you are doing is effective. All the war machine understands is money and violence. I am proud of whoever did it. Bravo!

Dumb ass brick thrower 16.Feb.2003 21:00


Throwing bricks through recruiters windows will only cause another window to be replaced.

You are dumb ass punk vandals. Calling you this will probably make you proud of yourselves. Drink another 40 ouncer, rebel.

Throw a brick through my window, and I will shoot your dumb ass. Try it punk.

to '.' 17.Feb.2003 09:42


where do you live, asshole. I'll throw a brick thru you window. Just make your shot count.

All power to the brick throwers 17.Feb.2003 10:32

Green Hornet

Since the guerrilla's main task is to drain the enemy it follows that he/she hits the enemy in his most vulnerable area and fights for initiative-never ground.
The guerrillas will not fight the enemy in a long battle where reserves would overwhelm them: They strike only when they can win! And in doing so avoids superior forces. When the enemy advances, they withdraw. When the enemy rests, They hit him. They attack when the enemy is exhausted. And when the enemy counter-attacks, the guerrills flee.
The guerrilla relies on SURPRISE above all the principles of combat. They make as little contact as possible with the enemy and use the smallest force in the quickest time at the farthest place.
Their attacks are planned and well-rehearsed. They strike when the enemy is moving, resting or is lightly guarded. They exhaust the enemy by constant harassment. They attack constantly and from all directions.

Madd love to everyone that took part it this action. Keep strong and keep up the smash and dash. Oh yea, the notes above were jacked from the IRA.

-No justice No peace!!!

Death Threats 17.Feb.2003 12:46

Ed Harley

Could any of you FBI agents reading this please investigate the above death threat? Just to help out, I'm guessing the author's real name isn't "."


Ed Harley

His donkey. 17.Feb.2003 18:40

! formally known as .

this is the original "." not the imposter that uses my alias. thats ok, he can use it I didn't copyright it..

I may switch to "!" its on the home page for no good reason and when you see it you will think of me.

anyway, He seemed be saying that he would shoot the brick throwers Less intelligent donkey, and was not threatening the brick thrower personally..

Now, a note to the brick thrower. I don't think people living in the inner city would appreciate being referred to as "biomass".

If you want to think of them as compost, that is your business, but the military and I believe they are worth saving and improving their lives.