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BD Terror by B. Meade

Terrorism with an idiotic grin.
My Daddy said that most people apparently don't understand that smiling sweet-talking terrorists are the hallmark of Bush Daddy Tribe nor do they understand that the terror is usually blamed on stupidity or things beyond the control of the contrived incompetence. In one of the advertisement pages for the Cornell Sun in the Cornell Sun there was an article about Cornell Vet School being awarded a grant to do research on the effect of Anthrax on animals. I don't know if this article was ever published in the paper; but I suspect that they are producing Anthrax at the Vet School without publicizing it. This explains the amount of Anthrax that was being broadcasted on Ithaca(153901), and it probably accounts for incidents like the Anthrax that was broadcasted off Hawaii a year or two ago. Bush Daddy claims that the punk rogue police impersonators are targetting anyone who mentions Anthrax; thus there was Anthrax being thrown at me yesterday when I first started mentioning this in postscripts to the Elijah article(234632). I recently saw a man who I suspect had been working at the Vet School with large sores all over his body that reminded me of the man who had Anthrax sores in Washington, DC(82672, 153901, 166371, & 194653). These sores were much larger, and it looked like they had not progressed to the permanent type that the man had in DC. I explained to this man what I had learned from the man in DC, and that I didn't think it was wise to trust the medical profession if they had not yet identified his affliction. This affliction is probably known as Contact Anthrax, which is probably actively-growing Anthrax or immature spores while Pulmonary Anthrax is the flu-like affliction, which results from inhaling mature spores with the severity of the affliction being proportional to the number of spores inhaled. Since Contact Anthrax also produces the same flu-like symptoms as Pulmonary Anthrax, it is probable that the mature spores that cause Pulmonary Anthrax are always present in Contact Anthrax. As for the Weapons Grade Anthrax, I question if this "grading" is an attempt to confuse people about Anthrax and conceal how Contact Anthrax was used early in the AIDS epidemic. If Weapons Grade Anthrax has been genetically-marked, that is probably convenient for tracing the origin; but it is probable that Anthrax and the nature of the affliction has changed little since ancient times. Bush Daddy claims that these punk rogue police impersonators are retrieving bad batches of Anthrax from the garbage at the Vet School and using it to sicken and/or eliminate anyone who challenges their stupidity. The Cornell Sun probably placed this Anthrax article in their advertisement to encourage more people to talk about what they are doing up there so that the lawless ones can target them. If they are exposing anyone to this Anthrax intentionally, it is not research; it is biological warfare! Since there are probably other institutions doing the same with Anthrax, Cornell should be shut down to teach them a lesson, for the whole school has been contaminated by the dummkopf Nazis of BDT. This is one of the most common means that BDT uses to target and eliminate people. They encourage people to talk about something, and use their talking about it as an excuse to eliminate the talkers. The same thing happened in respect to those who talked about Elijah's birth when I first mailed out my Elijah article in December 1995. The dummkopfs of BDT are too stupid to talk about anything themselves; thus they monitor conversations and/or drop hints that encourage people to mention the things that compel BDT to react maliciously.

If you challenge or question the stupidity of Bush Daddy Tribe, the demure smile or idiotic grin of Bush Daddy, Nicholas Exarchou, and the rest of BDT is usually the only indication that you are going to be living with terror as BDT tries to eliminate you while avoiding prosecution for their crimes(62371, 189161, & 197071). Since the "great falling away" from BDT has begun(2 Thess. 2:3), you should trust no one(Mic. 7:5); thus the prudent will keep quiet as the betrayers stop betraying and are betrayed(Is. 33:1). Since many members of BDT have been fooled into joining BDT by committing seemingly frivolous criminal acts(Jer. 5:26), they will try to get innocent people to defend them from BDT's attempts to kill them. If you defend a distressed or sweet-talking deserter of BDT, you will be targetted and/or eliminated by BDT. The evilness of BDT will remain "closeted(171618) until BDT becomes completely wicked in the future(Dan. 8:23). Rather than invite terror by opposing BDT, silence is probably the best recourse(Rev. 14:12) if you are asked to defend a member of BDT from the "harmless crimes" that they have committed, for they should know that when they stop destroying they will be destroyed(Is. 33:1). Bush Daddy claims that the members of BDT who are disabled for bragging about their crimes will be more severely disabled if they don't disable those of BDT who told them to commit these crimes.

The terrorism of the pits and snares of BDT also arises from many innocent pursuits(199656). The dummkopf Nazis of BDT will reject proven general knowledge, such as that in my writings, saying that it is not true until it is proven in court(2 Tim. 4:3). If you show them a book containing proof, they will probably not be able to read it; but they will bring you a book without that proof to show you that it is not true. Bush Daddy claims that the 14 page rap sheet of Ithaca's relentless panhandler, Ivy Thompson had no convictions, for anyone who filed charges against him was killed by BDT. Targetted people were badgered by this guy continuously on the chance that they would have him arrested. Bush Daddy claims that former Sheriff, Emery Guest pays late-night visits to the jail to coerce such thugs into supporting the lawlessness(200807). The tough-talking war-mongering pursuits of Bush Daddy's kid are an attempt to fabricate a war against an enemy that was fabricated by the first Bush Administration; thus you could be terrorized for supporting or opposing the "puppet ruler"(230127). Since there is "Bush is a Nazi" graffiti appearing all over town, one can only wonder at the purpose of this brainstorm of BDT. Are they trying to get protected status for Nazis, saying that Nazis never touched anyone? My dog's image on the Bradford Exchange plate appears to be another trap of BDT if they would not identify Gigi. As with the theft of the only pictures that I ever took of Gigi(85389), BDT relishes what they can do via their "closeted" anonymity. The suppression of my writings and news about Elijah and the chemical-spewing Eagle are other traps of BDT(52651, 71866, 194653). These terrorists have been told by a criminal to commit crimes until somebody tells them not to; thus the terrorism of BDT continues a la Secret Service by eliminating anyone who tells them not to(231491). "Don't just say, "No"!" Be alert for every attempt of BDT to entrap and terrorize you, for their "covenant with death" has them embracing a terror that comes from God Himself(Is. 5:18-30; 28:15; Amos 5:18). Even atonement at Hooterville will probably sound good to them(Is. 59; 102423).

PS: 2/11/03 I post "Previews" and "First Editions" in order to retain that which I have already typed. There is not enough time within my allotted hour at the computer to proofread what I have typed and still make posts. It is necessary to post "Previews" at several sites because access to many "Previews" has been blocked in the past. Total blockage and shutdown of IMC would occur much more often if I tried to type and post perfected articles. May the Lord be pleased.

PPS: 2/12/03 The word is that the dummkopf Nazis are now sacrificing their kids at an incredible rate by having them do "harmless stuff" like kill people with chemicals, stage "accidents", etc. Since they usually do this stuff while working at one dummkopf job or another, they will probably have a hard time explaining how they were disabled elsewhere for the "harmless stuff" that they did at work. On the other hand, you have those disabled by forced-medication, electroconvulsive therapy, or bad medicine in general from demented people like Nicholas Exarchou or Terry Garahan, impersonating doctors or any caring authority. Bush Daddy claims that "Nicky" has been doing electoconvulsive therapy via "house calls" for over 35 years. The most prominent unwarranted side effects of electroconvulsive therapy are amnesia , disorientation, and confusion. The severity of the amnesia is proportional to the number and frequency of treatments. It closes the recipients "eyes and ears" so that the dummkopfs may manipulate them(Is. 6:10). Will those who practice or empower this "thug medicine be disabled? Bush Daddy also claims that there is a steady stream of computer hackers being sacrificed for criminally blocking or stealing articles, E-mail, etc. Will they opt for further disablement at the computer or the disablement of their "teachers" or "employers". How many broken bones does it take to get a degree in computer hacking? Maybe "Big Red" knows. On the other hand you could always send your kid to Skull and Bones at Yale for a diploma, a Presidency, what not? Tip for the day from the last black panther on earth. He(she) walked in the middle of the road whenever possible and left few tracks...2/13/03 - Endured the second immediate toxic dose of Anthrax last night. The first time I was on my bicycle, and made it home to endure a lot more exposure. Last night it happened in my apartment. I suspect that such toxic doses of Anthrax bring on flu-like symptoms to such an extreme that the body shuts down immediately. One feels like there are chills coming on, but the chills never happen. Collapse on the spot where the concentration of spores is probably even higher at ground-level assures instant death. The body probably cannot even muster a defense in most cases. If one recovers from such a dose, the throat and lung damage of Pulmonary Anthrax is not as prominent probably because the exposure lasted for only a short duration. I suspect that such immediate affliction is what "toxic shock" is all about, and I might actually look it up some day; but certainly not in the toxicology books that try to mystify science with big words. To Southern California: Are you sending us Gad with the heads of those who were promised that they were not going to die? Can anything good come out of California? 2/15/03 Library was closed for "Staff Development Day" yesterday. Do they "thrax" people in your town? Have you seen the "Dang Ambulance", sitting a block away, watching a crowd of people surround a guy on the ground? That guy has been stunned by a near-lethal dose of Anthrax. When they try to rouse this guy, asking "Are you all right?"; they are really throwing more Anthrax and saying, "Need more spores!" Finally someone will summon the "Dang Ambulance" over when they are sure that the guy is dead enough. Of course the ambulance could always have a respirator full of Anthrax on hand, or they could just put the electric pads on the guy's head. Do they make electroconvulsive therapy house calls in your neighborhood? How would you know if they did when the recipients can't remember anything? When you have punk rogue police impersonators, behaving like they were God on earth by killiing anyone who mentions God on earth, I pray that you understand that they are better off with a dead "puppet ruler" than a live "puppet ruler", for the script was all written up well in advance. Nuff said? 2/16/03 Are the antidotes that they are offering for chemical attacks worse than that chemicals? Who do you trust? They apparently "thraxed" the newspapers up here yesterday. Did they do your town? Got an itchless haircut the other day. Janet Reno could have sworn that she was just here to "sweep up"; but I've been hearing otherwise. Stay tuned.

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Respectfully yours, Robert Meade "Israel" Deaf Messenger