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first-hand account of colorado police incident

a friend who was at the protest in colorado springs sent me his account of what happened, here are his exact words...
"I got a bunch of pictures and audio from the protest. Yeah the cops got out
of hand towards the end. What happened was we had a rally and then we lined
both sides of Academy street I bet we close to two miles long. While this
was happening people started getting into the street and blocking traffic
the cops of course did not like this. They soon appeared in riot gear with
attack dogs and in formation. It then became a standoff with mostly the
anarchists. People got bored and began walking towards Palmer park where
the rally was, the cops followed in formation. We slowly walked back and
the cops threatened over their inadequate megaphone that if you are in the
street you would be arrested. People stayed out of the street for the most
part and when most people were back in the park that's when the tear gas

It was largely unprovoked and at this point the crowed was complying with
the cops demands. The crowed was dispersing there was no need for the cops
to react this way. The cop with the tear gas gun was loving it he had a
huge hard on during the whole thing.

Anyway I'm disappointed that it turned out this way for the reason you
mentioned and also because I know a lot of people will fixate on this
confrontation with the cops and not the peace movement."