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An Accurate Count of Salem Protest

So, how many people really participated in the Salem march & Rally? An "official" head counter tells all!
So, how many people really participated in the Salem march & Rally? Well, our best guess is between 1250-1300 folks.

My job was to count marchers as they left the steps of the State Capitol. My job was made far easier than one might expect because the marchers stayed on the sidewalk and I was positioned in a place where I could see all the folks passing by. In all, I counted 1,038 humans and 17 dogs. Other organizers told me later that up to 200 more folks joined the march as it wound through the streets of Salem. Before the marchers arrived at Jackson
Plaza on the campus of Willamette University, a group of nonmarchers, numbering about 50, was already beginning to assemble. Consequently, I feel confident that the 1250-1300 figure is a good estimate.

As a long time activist in Salem, the size of the crowd genuinely shocked me. The Salem area is far more conservative than our neighbors in Portland and Eugene. We generally have to work ten times harder to get a crowd far smaller than our more liberal neighbors. Prior to the event, several of us were trying to guess the size of the turnout. Our estimates ranged from 250-1,000. (Most of us told the woman who predicted 1,000 that she was dreaming.)

Boy, this is one time I sure am glad I underestimated the resolve of my fellow citizens. The day provided all of us long time workers with a real high. Now, if we can just halt this damn war, I can start to feel really good.

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F-15 March in Portland 16.Feb.2003 10:21

Une Amie (a Friend)

After marching in Vancouver, B.C., I watched, with great interest, the news coming from Seattle-- it's not a hardship for me to march, living where I do, but I think Americans marching for peace right now requires a greater degree of courage. I was watching the coverage of police confrontations in Portland & it seemed to me that a young girl (with blondish braids, maybe 10 years old) was down on the ground, having been pepper sprayed by police. In Vancouver we asked families to march, encouraged people to bring their children to show the world that this was not a confrontation to be dismissed-- but a plea for peace around the globe. Does anybody know if a little girl was pepper sprayed by police in the Portland march? Is there any way to follow up to see if she's okay, if it really happened? Your friend to the North-- a friend to the end, despite your government :-}

answering question 16.Feb.2003 10:47


to answer the question asked in the comment above: the young woman who was peppersprayed is actually an adult, but due to her slightness of size and choice in hair-style she does look quite young. i saw her up and walking around afterwards. she was, btw, not standing in the street and was not blocking traffic in any way when she was peppersprayed in the face. did the corporate news tell you that?

anyway, as a friend of hers, i can tell you that your concern is appreciated, and your message to her will probably reach her here.

For Une Amie... 16.Feb.2003 22:50


The police in Portland (in particular, Officer Brian P. Kelly) DID pepper-spray children, in particular, two of three children a young couple brought to the August 22 rally against George W. Bush.

This was compounded by the refusal of the 911 dispatchers to summon paramedics to treat the children after they were sprayed.

Officer Kelly, as well as a number of other officers, have been named as defendants in a lawsuit I am assisting in against the city, Mayor Vera Katz, Chief Mark Kroeker, and various command and field-level officers involved in police terrorism against the Bush protest. (Complaint filed 10/25/02; amended complaint adding officers filed 2/7/03.)