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PDX ACTION: Unpermitted and all the better for it

to all the sceptics: today's march was one of the best in this town in a long time.
yes it was limited in size but big enough to make a point. to all those who said you cannot pull off such an event wihout hundreds of hours of organizing- well you were wrong. you don't nee organization all the time. the march went where it wanted without any hassle from the police. we even took grand, walking the wrong way!! i thought thoday's events were great until we stopped at the intersection. as long as we kept moving we were making a point, causing some disruption but also encouraged by drviers/standers-by. when the sit-down occured we lost favor with the 'general public' and just looked like annoying hippes. no offense to those arrested but it seemed pointless. hopefully, someone can get your charges dropped.

the pepper spray was completely unneccesary as well but over all the cops were well-resrained. i think they are starting to realize that it causes less chaos to let us do our thing and move on, rather than trying to control where we go, or stop us completely.
Yes, but... 16.Feb.2003 10:06

for next time

Clearly, we do not need permits. But we do need a little more organization. Yesterday's action was pretty good, but could have been so much better.

If someone had actually worked on publicity (making/distributing flyers, telling KBOO, other stuff) there might have been 3000 people instead of 300. I believe it is pretty irresponsible and lazy to call an action by only announcing it on Indymedia.

If someone had done some minimal logistical support we might have had a bullhorn or two for the speeches, street medics to help deal with the pepper spray, and copwatchers to document cop crap.

If people had agreed on a plan, we might have gone somewhere with more of a political point than shutting down the entertainment district.

We do not need permits, tons of meetings, parade marshalls, etc. but we do need some minimal organization.