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cops torture protesters

cops used pepper spray, tear gas, rubber bullets, and stun guns on peaceful protesters
A CNN article said today, "...police arrested 34 in Colorado Springs, Colorado, on failure to disperse and other charges. Police used pepper spray and tear gas to break up the group. After one person threw a tear gas canister back toward the officers, police fired rubber bullets at him and used a stun gun."

The Colorado Springs Gazette says that the police ordered protesters to disperse because they temporarily blocked an intersection. When the protesters did not disperse, the police became violent.

For those who may feel that this is the first step in a systematic campaign to end peace rallies in the US, you can write to the Colorado Springs Police Department at  PUBLICCOMM@CI.COLOSPGS.CO.US and let them know whether you feel that their actions were an appropriate response to the situation.
Thats not torture 16.Feb.2003 00:02


Those are love taps, not torture. Those of us refugees from certain unnamed repressive regimes know the difference.

threat is still real 16.Feb.2003 06:35


I didn't mean to minimize the atrocities committed by other "unnamed repressive regimes". I meant to maximize the real danger that the Bush regime could quickly and easily turn just as evil as the regimes you mentioned if we all remain complacent and let the police use this as a precedent for much more violent behavior in the future. They are testing the waters to see how far we will let them go.

Anyone who is a refugee of a real repressive regime knows that police forces are a government's main source of control over its population. Don't think of the police as a bunch of small local departments working to protect the citizens. Police departments are public militias who are trained by and take orders from one centralized command, and they have forces stationed in every tiny little town in America.

In one instant, George W. Bush could make the decision to turn our police departments into domestic terrorist organizations and we would have martial law in this country. But it can't happen unless the people grant him that power. Now is the time for people to scream as loudly as we can about even the smallest abuses of power, while we still can.

Not Torture, But Police Terrorism 16.Feb.2003 10:43


What the Colorado Springs police (and NYPD yesterday, and Portland police did on A22) isn't necessarily torture, but it is TERRORISM.

Terrorism is the unlawful use of violence against a person to influence political views or deter expression of them. Whenever the police attack peaceful demonstrators, it is more than brutality, it is TERRORISM.

especially when those peaceful protesters... 16.Feb.2003 16:25


are breaking the law.

of course, they're advocating peace! our laws shouldn't apply to them.

didn't know you could sign up to be tortured. 16.Feb.2003 16:53


I thought that sort of thing was confined to the S & M croud.

You pussies don't have a clue what you are talking about.