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Over 1000 Corvallisites March for Peace February 15th

Over one thousand citizens march in Corvallis February 15th
Over one thousand citizens marched in Corvallis, Oregon on February 15th from the OSU
campus to the Benton County Courthouse. The protest took place to oppose the U.S. war on
Iraq. United States Representative Peter DeFazio spoke to the crowd while holding his copy
of the U.S. Constitution. There were raindrops and rainbows in the sky. Peaceful citizens
carried Earth flags, U.S. flags, signs, and banners. The event was sponsored by Wrench (an
OSU student group), as well as by local peace group Alternatives to War and by OSU Faculty
for Peace and Justice. The Corvallis City Council recently adopted a resolution opposing the
U.S. war on Iraq.