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Salem Rally!

Short report on the Rally in Salem on Saturday, Feb 15th. By a Portland Student.
The Rally in Salem today was encouraging, with perhaps 500-1000 attending. It was organized by Oregon Peace Works and Willamette Students for Peace and Justice. Although the organizers decided we would march on the sidewalk without taking the street, the mood of the marchers stayed positive as we wound for a few blocks through downtown Salem. We passed the offices of the Statesman Journal, a local newspaper, variously chanting "Hey Hey Ho Ho Bush's War has got to go!" and other slogans. The march ended up on Willamette's campus, where Willamette students energetically lead the crowd in some more chanting.
The ensuing rally went well, despite some rain, and speakers included a labor unionist from the SEIU, a Native American man, numerous Willamette U students, and Congressmen DeFazio. Overall, the message was fairly focused on Iraq with only a little discussion of the war on workers and immigrants here at home. I only staid for half the rally, so maybe I missed something. The crowd was almost all white, but this isn't too surprising in Salem. Overall, the climate was positive, although fairly restrained, with the students bringing most of the energy.

Please, anyone else who was there add anything that I missed!