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Pacifica Coverage of FEB 15 *** 8 Hours, in 30 min MP3s

Pacifica Radio coverage of Feb. 15, 2003. MP3 files for download or streaming.

Here's the entire Pacifica Radio coverage of Feb. 15, 2003.

Each file has a thirty minute segment, recorded at 40kbps. I uploaded the files with Eastern Standard Time noted on the file names. Perhaps some enterprising soul will listen and make notes on speakers and names of those interviewed in each segment.

It's possible that Pacifica will upload files somewhere to put all this in the public domain. Keep an eye on their website and/or Radio4All.net. If they did that, you will not have the problem with the few lost seconds found in the transition between KFCF's files (sorry about that, but I can't do anything about that -- that's where these files came from).

The description of the programs from the Pacifica website appears below.

- ziggy


For coverage notes on Sunday's coverage of San Francisco and the source page for the below, go to:


Saturday, February 15th:
WBAI, New York City Protest
8AM-1PM Pacific Time

Amy Goodman and Robert Knight and WBAI-Pacifica staff will anchor coverage of "The World Says No to War" as thousands of people will converge on New York City, joining millions of others around the globe for what will most likely be the largest day of protest in history. Sponsored by United For Peace and Justice, a rally will be held at noon, Eastern time, at First Avenue Stretching north on First Avenue.

Some featured speakers will be Rev. Desmond Tutu, Patti Smith, Harry Belefonte and Danny Glover. The City of New York has denied United for Peace and Justice a permit to march and Federal Courts have upheld this denial. United for Peace and Justice has called for vigorous protest against this stifling of the growing opposition to Bush's war. Pacifica coverage will follow events as they unfold on the streets of New York City on Saturday.

Saturday February 15th:
KPFA - Live on-air Teach-in

1:00PM - 4PM Pacific Time

"The War in Iraq & the US/World Resistance Agenda." In this three hour Teach-in with live studio audience, Dennis Bernstein, Host-Producer of KPFA's Flashpoints show with co-hosts Robert Knight from WBAI in New York, will confront the myths and talk about the realities.

The on-air teach in will include reports from Baghdad, occupied Palestine and around the country and world. We will examine the dangers of war and the hope that grows out of resisting war for the peaceful alternative. The broadcast will also include a live studio audience of experts and live reports from affiliate stations.