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February 15 Peace March and Critical Mass Ride

February 15 Peace March and Critical Mass Ride
I got to the North Park Blocks about 12:30. A decent crowd was assembled;
I'm not that good at guessing the numbers, but I'd say at least 300-500
people, maybe more. There were lots of bikes in the crowd but only about
half a dozen riders in the CM gathering spot. At various times during the
march another dozen or more other riders expressed interest in participating
in a CM breakout ride, but it just didn't happen. The CM riders ended up
staying with the march, riding real slow and corking for the walking
marchers along the way. The route wound around downtown, past City Hall,
the Federal Buildings and twice through Pioneer Courthouse Square, before
crossing the Burnside Bridge and heading south on SE Grand against the
traffic, to the Hawthorne Bridge. There was a pretty large contingent of
bicycle and foot cops with the march all the way, and when the cops forced the march backtowards downtown on the Hawthorne Bridge and I left the ride there on the east side, because the cops seemed to be losing their patience and acquiring
reinforcements at that point (around 2:15PM). Even though we didn't do a
breakout ride, I and others had quite a bit of fun corking for the marchers.
We blocked a lot of oncoming traffic several times, walking and riding the
wrong way on various one-way streets. Until SE Grand, which pretty much
turned into traffic chaos several times, the cops seemed pretty cool about
it. It might have been my imagination, but except for a few gentle
warnings, the bike cops actually seemed to appreciate our help corking and
controlling traffic. The crowd was enthusiastic and pretty loud with lots
of signs and chants of 'Not Our President, Not Our War', and 'Drop Bush Not
Bombs' plus others. I saw a couple of minor incidents with motorists on SW
Grand but no one was hurt, ticketed or arrested as far as I could tell.

Peace, Out.