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Police teargas each other!

Greek police teargas one another as demonstrator looks on....
Police teargas each other!
Police teargas each other!
Protesters fall down during clashes with riot police outside the U.S. Embassy in Athens. The Associated Press reported Violence erupted in the Greek capital and in the northern city of Thessaloniki.
tell us more!! 15.Feb.2003 15:02


damn! i sure would like to know more about THAT story. great pic.

sorry to tell you friends 15.Feb.2003 18:08

Ilias from IMC-Athens

i saw that specific incident, they are not spraying each other... it's the perspective that fools you..
there were some clashes between anarchists and the police, and the latter threw tear-gas all over the place. many demonstrators got angry, started throwing stones at the police. At that point they started making arrests, as you can see in the photo.
Check here for more

to plant a seed... 15.Feb.2003 18:39


Yeah I can tell it is just the perspective... but lets brainstorm a minute. The police(and others) infiltrate our groups to create infighting and internal struggle and group struggle to weaken our movements. Imagine if we could do the same to them.... Maybe this picture wouldn't be so strange.

Jane! Stop This Crazy Thing! 15.Feb.2003 20:51

oleocapsicum pepper spray

Ah, doesn't that photo bring back memories, uh, of the August 22 Bush protest that cost residents of the city of Portland $250,000 in police 'dignitary protection' fees.

I guess the Greek police have not yet invested the money in the head to toe equipment the Portland Police Bureau have to protect their own troops from other police with chemical weapons.
Jane! Stop This Crazy Thing!
Jane! Stop This Crazy Thing!

another reason why the US should go it alone. 15.Feb.2003 21:55


don't need anyone helping us, they would just shoot themselves or worse us.

do you smell something? 16.Feb.2003 09:35


Smells like a chicken hawk. Just because our "leaders" avoided serving the Vietnam and WWII at all cost but still supported Vietnam and every war since. It dosen't mean you can........ Who ever you are.

I'm an vet, and a member of the IRR 16.Feb.2003 16:42


the chicken-hawk talk is stupid. I'm a member of the IRR. If you don't know what that is, then you will just have to look it up..

Already fought my battles. Now its time for a new generation to pickup the Guidon charge forward.

Cluck Cluck!