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Millions protest war worldwide today -- get yer ass downtown in Portland!

shit, look at how many folks are turning out around the world to protest the war!
A million in London, 1.5 million in Italy, 200,000 in Melbourne, 500,000 in Berlin, 50,000 in Scotland, 30,000 in Seville, thousands in Amsterdam, Tokyo , Osaka, and Taiwan.

In New York City, the streets are filling with people for what looks like will turn into a huge day.

Altogether, over 10,000,000 people are expected to participate in actions in over 600 cities over the course of the day. People are rising up en masse to say NO to this war!

In Portland, an unpermitted march/critical mass ride has been announced for Noon in the North Park Blocks. Get yerself down there to show solidarity with the rest of the world against the imperialist war machine!

10 million out of 5 billion, whoop de do 15.Feb.2003 13:25


0.002% of world inhabitants turn out for protest. yay.

what percentage took to streets to supportwar 15.Feb.2003 13:40


Compared to the 0.0000001% who took to the streets to support the war only the very rich minority in America really want. Give me a fucking break. Your sorry ass couldnt find 10,000 people worldwide who support this war.

Yup 15.Feb.2003 19:00


I agree with the first poster. From a statistics perspective, this is just noise.

NOISE 15.Feb.2003 19:47


Thats the point of a protest to make noise, to let our governments no that the people do not support a war.

to 'me' 15.Feb.2003 20:38


"0.002% of world inhabitants turn out for protest. yay."
"From a statistics perspective, this is just noise."

when was the last time we saw this many humans march together in Earth's city streets on behalf of *any cause at all*--

and as 'buddy' pointed out: Your sorry ass couldn't find 10,000 people worldwide who support this war.

especially 10,000 'pro-war' people with the guts to stand up for what they "believe" [translation: brainwashedly regurgitate] in.

saw the Freeper 'pro-war' demo on CNN, and they couldn't even remember the lyrics to 'God Bless America' past the title verse, they just went "dum dum de dum" for the rest of the song . . .

fuckin' clowns.
to 'me'
to 'me'

Think back to '91 16.Feb.2003 16:12


The support-the-troops rallies didn't start until the Gulf War actually started; then the crowds came out in droves. That's what will happen this time as well. As for calling them f#####g clowns, try calling them that in person, and see what happens.

Watch Out! 16.Feb.2003 16:32

Ed Harley

Members of the Rush Limbaugh fan club, oil company shareholders, and chickenhawk-lovers don't know what to do in the face of massive world opposition to their flimsy pro-war lies. They're pissed, and some of them (ie Postman) are threatening to beat people up because of it. Hahaha... what a bunch of sad, marginalized, angry white guys. You all crack me up. See you in the dustbin of history, eating cheetos, masturbating and watching Fox News.

Hey, Ed... 16.Feb.2003 17:58


I'm not threatening to beat up anybody. I'm saying that when you stop debating the point and call somebody a f#####g clown instead, the response will probably not be, "Gee, I'm sorry you feel that way about me". You lose the debate, and you open yourself up to a possibly unpleasant response. That previous post was as cowardly as Michael Savage's rants. Yep, that's right, I can't stand the Michael Savage show, for the reasons I previously stated.

question for Postman 16.Feb.2003 19:30

not a TROLL

"stop debating the point and call somebody a f#####g clown . . ."

--WHAT point??

you have no point.

you are here to Disinform, and Disrupt, the Indymedia newswire.

If you have a "point", please get to it.

10 million people have demonstrated against war on Earth this weekend--the most significant mass demonstration, so far, of the 21st century.

you obviously can't handle it.