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9.11 investigation

Jackass farts---watch Pinochito's 'nose' - Vereran4Peace stands TALL

this is@13or14 pages mailed to Dennis Kucinich Wednesday. The Vereran called it his "Vallentine-of-LAUGHTER' Sailor rocks the boat.....
(we do not need the crap going on in Bolivia....America-has-a-STRONG_MORAL_FIBER---- rip the rags-of-war-from-this-SHIP-OF-STATE___turn-it-around-__and-unfurl-the-flags/sails-of-LIBERTY/JUSTICE/FREEDOM,,,you are ready_aren't_you?)

by DreamWeaver Saturday February 15, 2003 at 01:45 AM

Some "Radical Root" Jackass Sailor has raised a whisper for you to hear, help him grab these reigns from the 'paper cowboy' and lets let things settle down (14 pages mailed to Dennis Kucinich Wednesday. )

To:  info@jimhightower.com
Subject: sailor shows dubya what a Cowboy is/Veteran4PEACE

Subject: Happy valentine

Almost forgot to post this as promised: (please don't make noise of who I am...Just that you found some veteran4PEACE has sent a call for peace with purpose)

To:  jack.hughes@evilgopbastards.com
Subject: SURPRISE Veteran4PEACE LAUNCHED valentine of laughter

another vet squeals: (this is HOT hold on to your hat, don't blow my cover, thanks)

Subject: my Valentine to the universe.....

(Greetings, Thanks for the call, look forwarding to talking. Here is my message:

To:  clivemore@bartcop.com,  bartcop@bartcop.com
Subject: FIGHTER !!! / haven't you been reading my mail? Call to rally the left!


Subject: Peter, you seem to be a very well read man. Are these good points too?

would you please check this out and give me a report back (I keep thinking I have released some 'magic pill' over the internet):

To:  letters@nytimes.com.
Subject: Veteran4Peace Launches Big Valentine

To:  computing@kpfa.org
Subject: Happy Valentines, DreamWeaver calling Carolyn

Look at this. Some Veteran4Peace is trying to rally the left:

To:  mail@democracynow.org
Subject: Launched l'the long shot' of laughter...Thought I would warn you it was coming

Lone Veteran4PEACE squeals:

To:  clivemore@bartcop.com,  bartcop@bartcop.com
Subject: for those limbotimized across the nation

Show them some Hope,

that they might




(hey, besides it is their Valentines day too...)
Subject: Heres my Spike, Hit this with your Hammer (Maybe you should LAY YOUR HAMMER down AND pass this with a whisper?)

(Loved getting that Zepplin link from you!)

To:  webmaster@globalexchange.org
Subject: CODE-PURPLE_Panic4PeaceNow (International Emergency)

Hi folks, Thanks for all you have done...
Just thought I might share my rant since I went to the Peace March in Petaluma last Saturday:

Subject: are we having fun and liberated yet?

Just sent this to True Majority:

Subject: attitude adjustment

Now quietly blow some fresh air on the miasma covering the politics of this world...
that we may see
what's to be
when we're free


just another DreamWeaver, Out here spinnin' my wheels

Can I have a grip on reality?
To: TrueMajority < alerts@truemajority.org>
Subject: Re: Be Seen Opposing The War

Hey, Here is what I have been up to:
Subject: Hey, My Friend

Thought I might have heard from you about my poetry, and CODE-PURPLE. Hope this finds you well my friend.

Here is my latest rant:
Subject: panic no more


Task at hand:

Let there be a Liberation
of co-operative community

DANGER ZONE: There will be much grief and anguish when some learn they have been betrayed.

The Cure: understanding that "it is not 'the government' or 'this state' or 'that state' which brings the problem. It IS A SET OF INDIVIDUALS. THIS "SET" (follow my algebra), can be focused on with the intention of bringing peace and justice to the world, and the freedom flags unfurled.

Life with Liberty & Justice 4 All

What is Your Response-ability?

CODE-PURPLE: REPORT ON CONDITIONS " Looks like, from here, There is no fire at this time, It appears someone is trying to ignite one. How are things in your sector?"

___________________________________that was my mourning rip_________
did I post my latest rant to woolsey
Subject: maybe you could use this to help with getting their attention, on the floor

Hello Tom,
I thought This might help Lynn with resolve on Disarming Nuclear Weapons.

I went to protest the opening of Diablo Canyon, Because I knew they had no means to deal with nuclear waste>

They dismissed the jury,( dropped charges to a misdemeanor, so I could not talk to them), called me guilty as charged, time served...

I went to protest at Lawrence Livermore Lab. was jailed, and when before the Judge said "One of the first laws of humanity is 'Indubio senquentum titus est'" -- translated "When in doubt, the safer course is to be desired"

He complimented me on my education but said it irrelevant to the case before him.

Tom, Do you think Lynn knows how much I would like the opportunity to live with Freedom and Liberty in America? Do you think she can possibly imagine for a minute the oppression I as a citizen feel here? My Grandfather owned more than that book by J.C.COOPER, (Handwriting on the Wall - or Revolution by 1907). He had a first edition, 2 vol. Leather-bound set of the first 13 State's Constitutions. (My mother took it to Butterfields & Butterfields and they told her it wasn't worth anything). I am also a descendent of the Mayflower. How much more American could I get.
(my family tree left the colony and lived with the natives, feeling oppressed by those 'in charge' there).

Everybody here knows I like to vent my feelings.....Where Can I do that safely, IN MY COUNTRY??????

My Grandfather came to California with a Socialist Commune, there has been a blind eye on much of 'American' history---and just what is it to Be AMERICAN?

THINKING ABOUT "MorodorMania/loss of democracy - you know the COUP CREW:)

They are so Narcicistic
they haven't noticed

dubya was hit by tinkerbell,
never grew up
& is having

What can we
do about it?

(one of a firemen's first tasks is:
"To Assess Conditions"

Just trying to play the
once again.)




I have more on my mind, but it is real-ling so fast, I lose some things before I get them to the page...

here is a fun thing someone showed me: hearthearthearthearth

What do you see in that?

It is: hearth-earth-earth-earth

some see it read: Hear the earths heart

For your home reading enjoyment---

<< The Onion Weekly Dispatch




Ashcroft Orders Staff To Chain Him Tightly Before Next Full Moon

WASHINGTON, DC—In a move that has sparked widespread speculation, Attorney
General John Ashcroft gave explicit orders to his staff Monday to tightly
bind him in heavy iron chains before the next full moon on Sunday, Feb. 16.


Peace with Power
Subject: Let's Roll Away the Darkness

Subject: Inspiration

"The Greatest hour,
is the break of day
when the darkness
rolls away." Kate Wolf

What if the history books wrote "Some c.s. blew this 'humpty dumlty' off his Pogo* stick!" ?
(*"We has found the enemy, and he is us!.....well maybe he had better english and said "We have found...")


That was my morning wake-up.

Hey, here is what I have to say: If the man wants to be in chains, let him have his play...Put the INTERNATIONAL TELEVISION CAMERA ON HIM AND LET HIM EXPRESS HIMSELF TO THE WORLD...
simple enough?

On Wednesday, February 12, 2003, at 08:37 AM, TrueMajority wrote:

To: TrueMajority < alerts@truemajority.org>

Here is the rant I put out Yesterday:
Subject: My Legislators do not listen; here is what I told the Democrats


Greetings folks,
Here is my morning poetry to EMPOWER PEACE

Subject: Poetry of today

Shatter the mirror of fear
you may have thought me the devil
but I'm really a Saint
Shall "The Saints Come Marching In"?

dreamweaver (obsidian is my element/mineral)

I attended a Peace March in Petaluma, California Saturday and was sparked to rant on to my Congresswoman (who was there saying "I'm going to put forward a Bill to ban Nuclear Weapons, I don't think it will get anywhere, but I am going to put it on the floor")

Thought someone else might enjoy playing with this information, Peace and Best Wishes.

By the way, I attended the Peace March in Petaluma Saturday. It touched something off in me and I started emailing friends, then Lynn Woolsey's office. And here is a post I sent the Democratic party too. (Then re-registered Green Sat.)

Subject: State of Confusion

I only read the teaser... but sure I know the truth


Oh, by the way. Since you do like to know what I have been up to, I guess I should send you a copy of my writings. I look back and see I haven't even told you I went to the Peace March Yesterday to hand out literature.
Please copy and distribute freely. To download and print this flyer, visit  http://www.hereinreality.com/911


I was interviewed by the press,

When I came home I Wrote a friend, and as I started writing other friends this thing grew. I called it

Here is sort of how it went: (I start out by writing back to the friend I send the first message to, which comes up again shortly)

Peace, Love and ALL THE BEST WISHES, DreamWeaver
Subject: Re: code purple/futher developments

This is what has happened with the note I sent you....I feel electric today!

Subject: dreamweaver video

Thank you for the opportunity to vent. Is there a way i could get a copy? Could you notify me if any of it gets air play, When and where, what parts...

Here is some stuff i have been putting out, i started telling friends, then pasted my posts to an aid of Lynn Woolsy's. Thought you might as well hear some of it:

Today I went to the march in Petaluma. It was great. (1,500 marching. When I drove down Washington Ave. People filled the sidewalk from Petaluma Blvd. to the Freeway) A wonderful gal sang from the high school, a song she wrote, Please don't take my baby. Lynn Woolsey spoke and said she was going to put forward a bill to ban Nuclear weapons. She didn't think it would go anywhere, but she was going to do it. There was lots of networking. A guy came selling 'Addicted to War' a comic book history right up to the war on TERROR. He also had another book, "Children of the Gulf War" by a Japanese survivor of the first nuclear war, Takashi Morizumi. Visual Aids that are really "in your face".

I was also walking through the lobby when I heard the call for any veterans that wanted to talk to a member of the press. It was someone affiliated with a Boulder Colorado TV or Cable channel, anyhow I spoke my mind. Let the hammer down. and When asked What I would say to a high school student considering joining the military, I didn't leave out that this shrub had deserted the Texas Air National Guard during Vietnam.

The camera man hadn't heard that one yet. He smiled like he liked what I had to say, maybe DreamWeaver is talking to the nation tonight.....

Gotta go, Peace and Best wishes, Oh. I thought it appropriate to declare a Code Purple National Emergency, "Time to Panic4Peace"! You're actually the first one I've notified. I liked the code pink work... How do you think we could pull off code purple?

Re: Code Purple

Greetings Jason. Your Very Welcome!!!

Arjuna wrote me with concern of the word "Panic". Thought you might like to see my post to him:

Glad you enjoyed the reading. Panic seems to be "the highest state of alert" for me. I have thought of the "Panic" button before. It has long been around within my internal dialogs. I find it brings humor into play. (Laughter is the Best Medicine) War4Peace is such a BOLD LIE. THE COVERING OF THE PICCASO at the United Nations building shows just how afraid the war profiteers are of ''Truth".
By the way, what is "Boxers philosophy"?

I truly enjoyed Michael Hathaway's post on "Real Hero, Real Freedom: Aung San Suu Kyi wins Free Spirit Award". And the Color Purple also has a connection with Royalty, and spiritual development. The promotion of 'men loving men is sissy' is a tactic to instill fear of being. To teach 'men loving men is human' builds strength.



I have a 'song' I sing to myself when I work. I have often thought of trying to record it and send it to you. I have recorded things. Once I made a tape and sent it to KPFA. They had put out a request for 'home made' tapes. They never responded to me. Any way, maybe I'll get something together someday, maybe even try a thing at 'no-talent' show sometime. Dave says he never understands what I'm saying. I think it is because I have sustained vocalizations and to hold it in focus, the mind has to be clear enough to hear it. If the mind is filled with multiple internal dialogs what I am saying becomes no more than background noise.

Here are some words...
(a sustained) Ou.... ...What will we do????.........(arrow change pitch))
When we learn,,,, to make our dreams come true??????

How will we.........Teach the children to be free???????

To find.......Find Peace and Harmony??????? (Harm__money)

What can I(we?) do??????

What can I do with you??????

______-These are my "troubled times" pondering things, gaining focus thoughts (prayers)

My inspiration of "Consider the Power of Peace Under Pressure?" I thought considerably powerful and broadcast it as far and wide as I knew how. I thought it was the only thing that would allow a firm foundation in the cornerstone of our future. I launched "quiet storm" (whisper in someone's ear, 'consider the power of peace under pressure' from a kinko's). Yesterday I launched "big thunder" with the tv broadcast....Let's see what this does.

All My LOVE, carry on, and KEEP IT UP!

On Sunday, February 9, 2003, at 10:06 AM, soaringevenhigher wrote:

Thank you.



So, in closing Anita, I will say, I struggle out in the brush, trying to carry on, but my "government" has been oppressing me, "terrorising" me since the Kennedy killing. I have read all the conspiracy things, and believe they are all true. I think the FBI bombed Judi Bari and attempted to cover it up. This military industrial complex is just a goon squad for the corporations, Simple as that. Period. NOW STOP IT.

This motion to disarm Nuclearly, Don't go into this Thinking you are not going to make it. I have stood at Heroshime in the peace park, I bought and read the book made by a survivor from there yesterday. It is "A different Nuclear War, CHILDREN OF THE GULF WAR", By Takashi Morizumi. Go into this thinking: This is what Has To Be Done. Period. Nothing else will do. There is to be No other Item of business more important.

Thank you for your consideration.
With respect for the work that has been done, With encouragement to hit with the biggest hammers you can find at every weak point you know of NOW!

That we may live in PEACE,


Hello again,

I left this off of my earlier post. It is something I put out this morning:

Subject: morning hiku - further reports on yesterday

Blow Your Top
CODE: Purple-Panic

Think this would work as a bumper sticker, pastie or 'T' shirt? There is no higher "alert" at this point.

CONDITION: Democracy Stolen! (See: "Unprecedented", the documentary by People for the American Way about the Florida scandal, covered up by a corporate press owned by the military propagandist's)

ACTION; Office of
Restoring (remodeling?)

Calls upon all citizens to expose the corruption of the "Mordor Mania" administration.

Yesterday while driving to Petaluma I pulled over on the side of the road to write this down, (my inspiration of that morning):
Things will tip the scale
when a "Critical Mass" is
having a Party for
the Human Liberation Front!

Are You Ready to Make the "Great Social Adjustment"?


(I liked the double-entendre of 'blow your top')
Later, another DreamWeaver

Subject: a few more thoughts

Things that have run through my mind for years.

(What would I do if I were President?)

You Laugh/ You may have had the thought yourself.

Anyhow, I think I would make a better one than the one we have.
(Hey, I would take the job for a quarter of the wages, I'm tired of living in a garbage pile. But I think Al Gore did win it, and I believe this Bush Family Evil Empire has to fall and the most stable operative would be him. He was elected, remember.)

Impeach... Move to IMPEACH, Have the National Lawyers guild hit them, (they had put out a press release they were going to before 9-11. then it vanished. ) Have the Unanswered Questions debate hit full blast.

the best sign at the march was: "Bush is speaking out his colon" His "Hot Air" has been venting,, what would happen if "Peace broke out from under pressure"?

impossible? Can't you imagine seeing the headlines: "It has been discovered that the military has refused to take command from a deserter. Peace breaks out simultaneously. Scientists are wondering if there is a direct relationship"

anyway, have a good day, (if that's possible now....)

(I have been enjoying the sunny days, but do want more rain before summer comes.)

Ok just add this to your imagination: What might the world think if it discovered that it was the "troops", the foot shoulders, who demanded that "Democracy be restored in America!" ?

Wouldn't they have faith there might be some moral fabric left in this flag that is to represent our country?

Still praying for many blessings on ALL OUR RELATIONS, Another DreamWeaver

Starhawk---Just checking in on the witches circle. These are the spells I have been casting, weaving through consciousness....

there was a woman at the rally who had taken black netting and cut peace signs out of it, then applied it to the flag on each side. Mourning. I thought it visually impacting. Just now I thought of Purple veils that might be worn by those recognizing the PURPLE PANIC ALERT.

Peace and love, AND GREAT POWER TO CARRY ON, another DreamWeaver

Well Treefrog,
What do do Think of that development?
On Sunday, February 9, 2003, at 01:26 PM, Patrick wrote:

To:  dnc-002IB01KmX@mailer.democrats.org
Subject: Re: California Families Hurt by Radical Bush Budget




And are you all going to bend over and take it any way this insane "monstrously evil right wing mob" determines to feed it to you?  http://www.alternet.org/story.html?StoryID=15138

I don't think anyone reads or cares what Americans think at this "party headquarters". I believe they just want to tell americans what they want them to believe, (for their own benefit, like Cheney, robbing the Treasury for Haliburton and it's little subsidiary supplying all the foreign bases with multiple workers, working overtime, doing nothing but bringing home a paycheck), but here is my' comments to friends', just in case there might really be someone listening who is willing to restore democracy:

And here is a modified post I sent to some friends earlier:

here is a post I sent Bartcop.com:
James Brosnahan was the Keynote Speaker at the Awards Celebration and Annual Dinner for the ACLU of Sonoma County. One of the highlights of his speech, was hearing, "Ashcroft is toast". Hey, it can't happen too soon! Best news I've heard in years. Thought some others would like to hear. It has something to do with Ashfroft overturning a "deal" some guy made with prosecutors to turn states evidence and get off death row.

Hope this finds you well, Peace and many Blessings, DreamWeaver.

So, do you follow more now? It is that the whole legal system is now in great peril, What can prosecutors rely on?

and in Ed Rosenthal's case the judge wouldn't allow the cities attorney to tell the jurors the city had hired him. NO MENTION OF 215, MARIJUANA LAWS. The jurors are protesting.

Here is my on hit on things: Our supreme court has failed it's citizenry by cancelling Democracy, Then voting machines are installed that have SECRET programs running to eliminate any paper trail that might expose their fraud. two elections have been STOLEN from Americans and I am afraid that "code orange" is just our government terrorizing us again, only I think they are trying to stop "public gatherings". I think the Oklahoma bombing was put on by the corrupt military industrial complex that killed Kennedy. Shot Martin Luthor King, Put Jerino Prat in prison, Leonard Peltier in prison and Bombed Darrel Cherney and Judi Bari. (I read the Gore Vidal article on the Oklahoma /Timothy McVay affair in the Sept. 2001 issue of Vanity Fair. What a time for it to come out. And as you can see from "other web sites" in previous post, there are REAL QUESTIONS that need to be answered about Who did bring us 9-11) See this site about voter machines:  http://verify.stanford.edu/evote.html

Prison is not rehabilitation. Prison is nothing more than a demonstration of 'hate'. As WAR IS A DEMONSTRATION OF EVIL. I have stood in the peace park in Heroshima and dedicated myself to NUCLEAR DISARMAMENT. I was active in the FREEZE CAMPAIGN Sponsoring a dinner to raise funds for the movement. Driving to the Dinner yesterday I was wondering if we resorted to a "public strike" BUY NOTHING NOT ESSENTIAL, STOP WORK NOT ESSENTIAL MAINTAIN A "holding pattern", Call on Our Military to follow his example and "desert" or STAND DOWN obeying a higher order to maintain life that there might remain the ability to pursue liberty and happiness.
War is not the answer, teaching how to demonstrate LOVE appears to be the only out I see.

How to set that "Firm Foundation"
Upon which to build with co-creation? Cooperation? Deliberation?

How to stop the push and shove, and demonstrate a world of love, Harmony..., harm...money.

Hey, Dave says dinner is getting cold, all my best wishes,

Other sites to visit:

On the Internet:
www, bartcop.com

______________and how could I close without sending you a copy of this:

The Real State of the Union -
Thank you very much Mr. Speaker, Vice President
Cheney, distinguished
guests, my fellow Americans.
To be perfectly honest with you, the state of our
union stinks.
Unemployment is shooting up like Dick Cheney's blood
Consumer confidence is as clogged as Harvey Pitt's
veins. Obviously,
our economy is wheezing now. Forty-million Americans
can't afford
health insurance. Eight million can't find a job. And
all of a sudden,
my performance numbers are dropping faster than Strom
Thurmond's chin.
I understand the pressure this puts on all of you. So
I've decided to
steer our nation to the very brink of war, a war I
haven't been able
to sell at home or abroad. But Karl Rove tells me
Americans rally
'round their president at wartime, and that sounds
fine with me.
More on that in a moment.
But first, let me acknowledge a couple of special
guests here with us
tonight, regular Americans who have been parked in
seats, which I'm hoping will make me look like a
fellow who cares. Say
hello to Lucille Baines, 89 years old. She's still
waiting for that
Medicare prescription card. Hi, Lucille! Don't hold
your breath, OK?
And a big hand please for the Prestons, Michael and
Janet. Their only
son, Justin, is on the Iraqi border tonight. He keeps
sending e-mails
home: "Mom and Dad, have you seen any smoking guns?"
And sitting with Laura is Antonio Ramos, a man I've
never met. He's
been unemployed for nine months now, and I guess we've
been monkeying
with his benefits.
Help is on the way, Antonio. I'm working to eliminate
federal taxes
on your stock dividends.
Good folks, all of them. And I am their president.
Tom Ridge was just sworn in as secretary of the new
Department of
Homeland Security. No one was too impressed with the
job Tom did as
homeland security director. But when the new
department got created, I
figured, "He's an old friend of mine. Why not?"
The anti-terror stuff we've been doing - long lines at
the airport,
metal detectors at the Super Bowl - don't actually
make anyone safer
from another attack. But after 9/11, I knew we had to
do something,
even if it was spin our wheels.
Or invade a country that had nothing to do with 9/11.
Saddam Hussein
is a dreadful tyrant. Everyone agrees. And he tried to
kill my dad.
How would you feel if he tried to kill your dad?
I know this war talk makes our allies nervous. "A
cowboy," they're
calling me. But who cares what the allies think?
They're just "old"
Europe. And "old" Asia. And "old" Arabia. And "old"
whatever-those-other-regions-are-called. But we still
have Tony Blair,
even if 70 percent of the British people are calling
him our poodle
Like I always said, you can't govern by polls.
But what would these critics have us do? Attack an
enemy like North
Korea that we know has nuclear weapons? Or a country
like Iraq that we
only suspect?
Oh, never mind!
At least we have Osama bin Laden where he belongs.
Dead or alive.
He's definitely either dead or alive.
Just like I said I wanted him.
We'll find that rat eventually. And if we don't, I'll
just say it
doesn't matter if we find him or not.
Because when you get right down to it, Americans are
far more
concerned about the economy than events halfway around
the world.
That's why I've spent so much effort improving the
economy. And look
at all we've accomplished in just two years.
We pushed the unemployment rate from 4 percent to 6
percent. We cut
almost 3,000 points off the Dow. Our merchants just
had their bleakest
holiday season in three decades. We vaporized a giant
federal surplus,
creating the largest deficit ever. We've shrugged at
the corporate
And whenever people say, "Do something," I respond,
"Tax cuts for the
rich." It doesn't do squat to stimulate the economy.
But it sure is
popular with the Republican base.
Now there's so much else we could talk about. How I've
let John
Ashcroft have his way with the Constitution. How I
only pretended to
learn from that Trent Lott thing. How I'm still going
to sink oil
wells in pristine Alaska.
But our time tonight is short.
All I can say is you may not like what I'm doing.
But I told it to you straight.
God bless the United States.



"The reason this concert is important is that the old energy economy that's
cheating us as a planet is very well organized, highly centralized, rich as can be
and very well politically connected. (The BFEE) And the new energy future is
decentralized, entrepreneurial and needs people like you to say, `Give me a
clean car, give me solar shingles to put on my roof ... Give me a clean future."
-- Bill Clinton, opening for the Rolling Stones last night in LA

On Friday, February 7, 2003, at 11:35 PM, Democratic Party wrote
Maybe we will see you Sunday?

On Monday, February 10, 2003, at 09:20 AM, Environmental Defense wrote:
Subject: Saved by a Calico Cat?



Subject:  http://www.rathergood.com/vikings/

This is FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!





(I like the double-entendre of gore.

On Wednesday, February 12, 2003, at 08:37 AM, TrueMajority wrote:

Will the world find Harmony by Valentines Day?
Be with the ones you love.....

Jack up that "GENERATOR OF LOVE"

(did that get you off)

This Emergency Medical Responder has tossed you a "pill"
it may be bitter to some


Out of the blue.......

can you play with code-purple in la whisper for a while...

I thought it 'might' be fun to have pur 'resentent on camera when someone whispered in his ear..."have you considered the power of Peace Under Pressure"?

Are We trying to find those who brought 9-11?

On Friday, February 14, 2003, at 01:42 PM, wrote:


Thanks for forwarding this. TIKKUN made a lot of important points.

To:  clivemore@bartcop.com,  bartcop@bartcop.com
Subject:  http://mediamonitors.community.everyone.net/community/scripts/thread.pl

Tried to get you to post this my friend...I finally figured how to get somewhere......myself.

It's hard living out of a modified shipping container and getting computer access....

Come on give us 'lovers of the universe' a chance

Many blessings on you and the miss this new YEAR OF THE RAM...start up. have you rebooted your 'organic' computer?

(the shaman/green man)
I finally got my ball of mud on a page. Watch this hit the fan!!!!




The Year of the lRam HUH?

this sailor showed dubya what a cowboy is!