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election fraud

British sense of humor? Bush & bin Laden getting down (nasty graphic warning)

check this out

It's a fake billboard, to be sure. But heck, it's rather funny in a very twisted sort of way. Imagine if something like that was actually up on some major city block, with a website link to a site that detailed all the financial times between the Bush and bin Laden family? Yowza... That would be torn down pretty fast !

Greg Palast is making noises that he's going to be releasing some new information about Bush/bin Laden family ties soon via BBC. See  http://www.radio4all.net/proginfo.php?id=6394
will portland publish this? 15.Feb.2003 07:31

hope so

will portland publish this?
will portland publish this?

186,282 mps 15.Feb.2003 09:23

pepto peptodizmal@aol.com

I modeled for that pic but they told me it was gonna be Lee Greenwood being buggered by Freddy Fender.